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Tell us of your likes and dislikes. Music? Tv/Movies? Books? What do you like to do in your spare time?
I am an author of several published books. I have little spare time but like to fish when I can.
Are you currently living what may be considered an alternative lifestyle? For example, are you a traveling artist, practicing a non-mainstream spirituality, or part of a BDFSM lifestyle?
I am unorthodox and have been a Pagan for as long as I can recall. I do not fit into stereotypical mindsets and try and avoid herd mentality.
What does the older knowledge of legend, myth, lore, story, tale, wisdoms mean to you?
Well - I have covered most of this in The New Pagan Handbook..etc
Do you belong to any organizations; re-enactment based (i.e. households, tribes, clans), spiritual based (i.e. covens, orders, or other pagan groups) or other? If so which ones and where?
If not of the older life styles, how tolerant are you ?
You would need to ask those who know me and my work.
Have you ever been to a Renaissance Faire or Medieval Fest? If so, which did you prefer? If not, which would you rather attend? Would you rather be a participant or spectator? Please relate to us your experience!
Do you have any artistry, crafting, and trade… what do you create, Please share your talents with us.
I am an artist as well as a writer; my inspiration comes from nature
What is the best way to contact you if your talents are skills are desired?
I do not quite understand this question?
Please answer all questions honestly and openly so staff and members can get to know you. Approval of your application will be based upon your answers. Any thing else you would like to tell people?
I am a busy writer and contributor. My latest efforts have been in the field of Ufology and more recently in Fly Fishing

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