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Greetings and Merry Meet my Friends

I am the staff wrangler on site (Admin). I am writing because we here at Traveling within the World would like to know what you... the member... would like to see here on the site. By this I mean, What groups would you like to see? What discussions are you looking for? What topics interst you? Please let us know how to make the site a better place for all of you.

I look foward to hearing back from you to amek the site all it can be.

Many Blessings,


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    Ooooooo...I like that idea! I could sure use that now!



    WarMouse -Manager- said:

    How about a page in the Your Tent drop-down menu called Prayer Requests?

    AZureGray said:

    I can't think of anything at this time that could improve the site other than to agree with the ones who have posted. I like the idea of a healing page, for we all have hurts and ills or family who is ailing. I especially like to recipes I get from here, my son is a chef and I'll be handing some to him. How about some more things for the children? I have a half dozen of the grand kind and want to do some crafts with them... 

    I want to thank the staff for all you do for us! Keep up the good works!



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      Rev. Allen M. Drago ~ Traveler

      Villiage Pub is where those go for there is where all can converse leave messages and interact in common
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        The Witch, Besom, and The Bee

        Hi everyone,

         Just wanted to say this site is really great. All of you wranglers do an amazing job. I love the fact that as artisans we can show each other our work, in a faire kind of manner, but also I love the different groups ie., Recipes, Remedies, Lore, etc. I only get to look around over here not as much as I would like, and perhaps don't comment as much as I should, (I get caught up in looking after my mom and our rescue cats and working on my arts.)

        Thank you for your site,