Proposal for a Weekly Digest

The staff here at Traveling within the World are contempalting starting a type of news letter for the members of the site to aid in ease of finding things of interest… these are some ideas we are going over…

Proposal for a Weekly Digest for the members of Traveling


This is an idea for the title:

the Traveling Chronicles


Ideas for content for the digest: 

Spot light the best of the Tent during the past week

Upcoming events of the Hearth

Featured Artists

Featured Items

Featured Groups

Featured Blogs

Featured Discussion.


If there is something going on this is where you will find it quickly and easily.


As well as historical information about events as well as featured items that we post


I was wondering what you the members would like to see in a digest of items, people, and places of the Hearth…


What would you like to see???
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