In This Silent Hour T'ween Night and Dawn...


Greetings and well met. I would like to thank all who gave me a moment of time to send me greetings on the event of my mortal birth. Tis a wonderful feeling I have received from you  (and I  do so hope all will see these words-if someone could let me know that indeed they were received it would be appreciated.  On the other hand, if these letters are not given to those intended..I will let you know of my gratitude in some way).

Today was a day rich in Gifts of considerations and Love that were needed more than the most precious of stones. One will not take the time now to describe all; but it was a day where my heart and spirit were heard and answered, many, many times.

As for "gifts of the material", I purchase a pair of most wonderful black , knee high, rubber "mud" boots. And now Dog Sadie and I are eager to adventure in to wetland and to Walk Streams. (Dog, not know this yet, but likes boots and lifts wonderful ears at intent! )She does not share my love of things swampy and muddy and wet and rich with beauty and life. She, in fact, takes the visit of a "bug" as a personal affront, dropping to ground and looking wildly about, snapping at air and leaping after what would appear to others as "nothing". Then, when sure pest has passed or perhaps even better, eaten, she will once more continue on her way. I try to explain she is a dog bred to farm and herd the flock and when we find ourselves with a flock to follow, there will be an abundance of bugs and sheep will not wait while dog bravely fights each and every one! Ah, sometimes, understanding arrives with the doing of a thing.

On Dog and Day, before I return to my rest...tonight we were visited once again (thrice now), by wonderful Toad Friend. How long  he must "hop" to reach us!  Sadie finds him on sidewalk in front of our home, disguised most cleverly as a bent and blown leaf. She is delighted with visitor, as am I. I pick him up and see, yes, is same Toad. He acts as tho quite dead, eyes glazed as I caution him that it is near time to dig a deep hole in the mud and settle for Winter's Sleep. "You are "fat" enough!" I tell him. And he responds with a slow and lazy blink, a brief view of golden eye. And so, I hold him to my warm body and he snuggles in as Dog and I begin own walk thru field to forest edge, where still sing Toad's kin and neighbours. We place  him carefully on the ground and wish him  safe journey, for the Traveler he is, is good wish! I am thinking, if he does return again, we will take him in for the Season grows cold and soon the Hunters will return to the wood.

Love and May You feel the Peace of Love that comes from All. I pray your days are blessed and contain some wonder. Also, I pray thee safe in your travels. The World, as we all, is changing,  birth while a time of great Joy and Celebration, is also a time, briefly, of danger. Christine, Sadie, and from somewhere (hopefully in the Wood) A most determined Toad!

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Comment by Dept of PMM Artists & things on September 9, 2011 at 10:57am

Your words pretty have gained a smile and laugh this day from one old and tired. Knowing of dogs and ways of many through time yours reads as one to enjoy and have many adventures with. Enjoy the muck and mud, may you find may things to add to your adventures. And may brother Toad as well be safe and warm burrowed for the winter. We have a group for those of word and verse here. And your this one thinks would fit quite nicely within. As well as a group for travels and adventures. Your 'hings swampy and muddy and wet and rich with beauty and life' reads as a wonderfully one to be told of often as you do so. I may not always respond to things but I do read look and take note. But this time words struck a cord and just had to be typed upon for the wealth and way of them. Be well little one, this one will surely watch for more of your wisdom in typing upon the Hearth.

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