A question asked because of action taken responses and still the wrong is being found of. Three sides of a coin which will you see

A question asked because of action taken responses and still the wrong is being found of. Three sides of a coin which will you see

This is my and the responses from the action of banned from sites. People who have answered my asking if they knew of things. And messages back and forth. Names and sites have been removed to not point or give directions time and dates are left to see the flow of it. The bottom line is none but a few of the ‘befriended’ in the Ningverse have typed to me to ask and have answers given.

Many it seems closed their minds and do not want to ask or learn difference of social stereotypical ideas and the actually of one person. Below you will find some of the messages written to me from others. Some are those who this action has been taken by. Others finding things out and the general concern of why and how come.

I asked of a banning massage sent to me. It referenced other sites I am on other adim and others talked to. But because of that asking to find if anyone knew of it or was part of it. I have been banned off three more sites. And it seems several people do not read things for they thought is was a personal attack or I was banning them or threatening to or accusing them. Which it was not just a asking of help to know where this came from and if any knew of it.

No I did what I do ask if any one knew of or about things. And found only three that had an idea. But got lots of do not know or what or why.

Guess that does not work in the Ningverse. Instead all just fly off to their own separate corners and can type anything they want of any one they do not agree with them and make it as if correct.

Instead of typing me asking me and learning the of me.

Judged sentenced and executing of sentence commenced.

(2009-07-30 17:46:57) Ning = *******: you there? sorry it took so long to get back!
(2009-07-30 17:47:05) Ning = *******: I have a response from Peter know it all!
(2009-07-30 17:47:13) Ning = *******: He said the following:
(2009-07-30 17:47:13) Traveler: you do what is need
(2009-07-30 17:47:17) Ning = *******: Merry Meet.,
We have facts from other sites as well as ours. You are not an admin or a creator of a site. So we can not share the info with you. You can contact Ning, they have factual reports on him. So its not just us. You may leave the site if you want, We owe you no explanation on this. His profile was fine. He was caught spamming kiddies porn, on several sites, not just ours.Blessed Be your path Peter I consider this matter closed. He was given an explanation, why he was banned from me, several admin's, and other sites that banned him. We can't help that he ignores these messages
(2009-07-30 17:48:04) Traveler: now that is news to me. Don't you have a site?
(2009-07-30 17:48:11) Ning = *******: yes I do
(2009-07-30 17:48:15) Ning = *******: apparently, asshole doesn't REALIZE that!
(2009-07-30 17:49:06) Traveler: um how does one get a copy of the ning thing? as site person request it?
(2009-07-30 17:50:21) Ning = *******: not sure. looking into it now
(2009-07-30 17:51:09) Traveler: ok then and how does one cautch one doing this? and how proves it is the person there id theft? cut paste use some one profile?
(2009-07-30 17:52:39) Traveler: never asked me of this nor has anyone ever typed of this before
(2009-07-30 17:53:24) Ning = *******: well, I have the HELP tab open now for Ning. I am about to check it out.
(2009-07-30 17:53:53) Traveler: sick um
(2009-07-30 17:59:18) Ning = *******: this is what I have said to the Ning Helpdesk:
(2009-07-30 17:59:23) Ning = *******: I have been informed that several ning administrators and creators have banned a person going by the name of Traveler. They have attacked him without cause and accuse him of all sorts of things that he is innocent of. I have had NO trouble with this person. He is actually QUITE intelligent and has alot to offer as a member. He is being banned without warning, not given the chance to defend himself, and now Peter J. Brown, who has accused ME of not being a site creator and therefore "unworthy" of being given information on WHYthis man was banned, has accused Traveler of child porn, which he has told me he is NOT into in the least. He is not being given fair treatment and I, as a site creator, would like to know WHY he has been singled out like this! I should like one of you to get in touch with me AND Traveler so that his side of the story can be revealed and this persecution be stopped! I am FURIOUS that this is going on at a site that up until now I have had quite a great time on! I talk to Traveler every day and know him to NOT be the kind of person Peter has accused him of! I want this to be handled in as direct a way as possible! Thank you. *******
(2009-07-30 18:00:46) Traveler: I bow my head and softly thank you little one
(2009-07-30 18:01:01) Ning = *******: bows back You are quite welcome!
(2009-07-30 18:01:16) Ning = *******: I mean what I say, as well! I am APPALLED that this is going on!
(2009-07-30 18:01:39) Traveler: I am currently copy past the messages that I have upon this.
(2009-07-30 18:02:09) Traveler: I have been accused of things before but nothing like this
(2009-07-30 18:02:23) Traveler: THen I could walk up and face the person
(2009-07-30 18:02:40) Traveler: Here there is not I can do to do so.
(2009-07-30 18:04:27) Ning = *******: add this:
(2009-07-30 18:04:31) Ning = *******: You are not privy to any complaints, or otherwise.
I have told you its had nothing to do with his profile at all! one of best friends is into BDSM, and I still love her. We won't to answer your questions, but we respect the privacy of the sites and members, with factual complaints him, also from ning itself. Again, I say it had nothing to do with his profile!!!!! Blessed Be,
(2009-07-30 18:04:50) Traveler: reading to Isabell will get here
(2009-07-30 18:06:17) Ning = *******: Aparently, he is saying NIng has "factual reports" on you!
(2009-07-30 18:06:59) Traveler: what are factual reports?
(2009-07-30 18:07:30) Traveler: Isabell asks where did they come from
(2009-07-30 18:07:46) Ning = *******: these two came from Peter J. Brown
(2009-07-30 18:08:02) Ning = *******: creator of The Craft ning site
(2009-07-30 18:08:51) Traveler: Iwas on that site less than 24 hours and asked if he wanted the practitioner pictures whe he responed ok to
(2009-07-30 18:09:00) Ning = *******: I honestly thing he is full of shit!
(2009-07-30 18:09:24) Traveler: that is insulting to the shit
(2009-07-30 18:09:26) Ning = *******: think I mean
(2009-07-30 18:09:29) Ning = *******: :)
(2009-07-30 18:09:33) Ning = *******: true
(2009-07-30 18:09:34) Traveler: nope
(2009-07-30 18:10:23) Ning = *******: he is arrogant in his attitude though and as far as I'M concerned, he is heading for a fall
(2009-07-30 18:10:59) Traveler: wait till I get this all placed into one place.
(2009-07-30 18:14:07) Traveler: Do you think he would be awoken when he finds the Artist site?
(2009-07-30 18:14:49) Ning = *******: I have no idea. I think I'm about to be banned from THIS site though!
(2009-07-30 18:14:56) Ning = *******: My latest rebuttal:
(2009-07-30 18:15:00) Ning = *******: You claimed I had no right to know the situation because I am not a ning creator but I AM so I DO have the right to know what is going on. I HAVE asked Ning about this and I promise you I will look into it thoroughly. He has been singled out without a SHRED of proof other than people don't know like profile while someone who has STALKED no less than TWO women on the ning site is allowed to continue with his activities! You may ban me if you will. I care not! I was asking NICELY but have only gotten derision and arrogance in return. I WILL get to the bottom of this and if there IS something that he has done wrong, then I will apolegize but if there is NOT, then I suggest you learn humility.
(2009-07-30 18:15:46) Ning = *******: I ask you to include THIS as well with your other notes, just so one of us has them all. :D
(2009-07-30 18:16:00) Traveler: fang and claw I need you to sic people more he he he
(2009-07-30 18:16:08) Ning = *******: LOL
(2009-07-30 18:16:11) Ning = *******: bows
(2009-07-30 18:16:17) Ning = *******: brb

Ok this is as now for it ms tlikely will continue you decide am I what they accuse me of was this done incorrectly do people read and jump to worse ideas do other read and have no clue up what they have been asked. Many thing no pointing no saying bad members. This is what has been sent and stored. Let it stand as is. I am letting people know what has happened and I do. I do not hide I face.

Wow look at what happened when asked further of this matter: (2009-07-30 18:57:49) You are not privy to the information You are not a member of the Conglomeration of site owners and admin.'s. Nor an admin., here. There are reports on you, also for the same thing, it comes from a member of Wiccan Togther and Ning itself. THIS MATTER IS CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AS I SAID, IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH HIS PROFILE, AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN REMOVE YOURSELF FROM THIS SIIE, IF YOU LIKE? I WILL NOT ARGUE WITH YOU, YOU ARE BLATANTLY BEING DIREPECTFUL AND IT IS NOTED, AND YOUR MESSAGE HAVE BEN SENT TO NING, AND THE CONGLOMERATION. YOU KEEP SAYING ITS BECAUSE OF THE BDSM ON HIS PROFITE, I HAVE COSISTANTLY TOLD YOU THAT THIS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!!!!!!!!!! YOU WILL NOT LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE BEEN VERY PATIENT WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!! Blessed be Your Path, PETER PS. YES I'M YELLING!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Comment by Rev. Allen M. Drago ~ Traveler on October 9, 2009 at 10:38am
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From: UNICORN4aGODDESS@aol.com
Sent: Tue 7/07/09 12:42 AM
To: TravelerinBDFSM@hotmail.com
you were BAN Becuz of the SICK things you had on you page prey on young girls your kind isn't wanted here!! you will remain BANNED!! i've gotten many complaints against you for people on the site!


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Comment by Rev. Allen M. Drago ~ Traveler on October 9, 2009 at 10:38am
Hey Traveler‏
From: Christine (co-creator) (mail@gatewaytoeternity.ning.com)
Sent: Mon 7/06/09 11:46 PM
To: Traveler (TravelerinBDFSM@hotmail.com)

Christine (co-creator) has sent you a message on Gateway to Eternity

I need you to do me a favor and change your profile information. We have children on site and that is not something that they should be reading. If you'd like to you may put up a scaled down version in the singles group.

You have until Thursday PM to change your profile or we will have to unfortunately ban you.

Many blessings,

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Comment by Rev. Allen M. Drago ~ Traveler on September 3, 2009 at 11:50am
Yes this is what I have to deal with because of one person that thinks something that is false and is ensuring all within his influence will accept it blindly and not question truth or not.


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