Drago's Adventures at the Vet Home


Day one arrived about 1030 in morning and started in here. After answering several pages of questions.  I found that the pee testing was also a requirement. Thus the body and their time did not agree. So I was put in a waiting area. That turned out to be the common seating area and where now the chairs have been removed and the sleeping cots set.

Meals I have found are 730, 1200, 17oo you stand in line and sign a roster.  Pick and choose food then sit eat throw away plate and return to what you were doing. For me it was sitting in the common area most of the day.

Showers are mandatory for cot allowance it seems.  Simple folding metal cots with a grey plastic covered 3-inch mattress.  In addition, a sheet and blanket are given out as the settings for them are done.  My pillow is my highway coat and liner stuffed in my hooded pullover.

Perhaps on the morrow I will be told more of how things are to progress. If one leaves they must sign out. Then back in when returns. Must be back by 2300, will find out if that is when things close down then.

I also have been told that when the medical clears you and a bed is available up stairs you are moved from common room to a 6 or 8 person room.

Showers to use right now are on the 2nd floor. Know nothing of the third at this time. You are given a simple shower kit. Moreover, right now no big towels are viable so got two what I would call dishtowels and two hand cloths to assist and dry with.  Currently they hang off the edge of the cot to dry overnight.

This eve in the common, area is a big TV it is ran with a vote with what is watched.  So far this eve true grit and a dvd movie that stuck in mid play so now we have the basketball game weeeeeeeeeeee.

Everything here is sign in sign that and if one messes up he sheet we have to refill out and resign allover that just happened with the cot list. Is first in line get the metal cot and mattress.  When those dozen are gone then mattress on floor is what is left.

I have reshuffled the bag contents. Now all the clothing and black bag of stuff is in the new brown bag that found this winter on a trip to the market in Dec it still had the red holiday bow on it when I found it.  New still folded up and ready to be given.  The back pack has the rest of things. Like meds laptop camera and other things that are small and easy carried. Been told where to store the clothing bag in a hallway with the other ‘common roomers’.  If important then keep with you hence why the shuffle to ensure if something goes it is clothing and not the other things.

So far some seem friendly. I have already been tagged with it is the Viking by the director here.  In addition, by one of the staff Hercules when I helped move the benches out of the common area so cots could go in.  Because I picked up the metal one in the center by self and moved them.

The outlets are limited, also in demand. Many here have some sort of cell phone that needs charged.  I was quick enough to get near one so could pug the laptop in to type this eve. Moreover, seemed to upset someone else that had sighted and planned to be where I currently am.  Nevertheless, was doing other things when the chair to cot common area shuffle started.

There are two resident dogs here an older white muzzled black lab, which has been dubbed ‘Sarge’.  The other is a cinnamon Shepard dubbed ‘Major”.  Very friendly and tolerates many things I see throughout the day.

I figure that after the 1700 meal I will sign up for shower and get it out of the way. Will at that time change into the track paints I have brought to sleep within.

A 1930 bible class in the mess hall was also called for those whom wanted.  Not mandatory that is good.

Oh desert has been called must go see.  To put that into perspective.  It is now 2157 and a lemon crumb like square just was consumed.  Lunch was two hot dogs with a bean mix and French fries.  Eve meal was meatloaf, mixed veggies, mashed potatoes with gravy.  Hell this is more than I have been eating per day at where I just came from for several months.  I did have one last pkg of the Italian sausage I have grown to enjoy before I left this morning as well.

All the items that were walked away from were stacked in a neat and orderly way in the room I was within. I do not know what or how he is to react nor do with them. After two weeks I have had no place to be. This place was the last resort for me to be at.


It did bother me that within he questions the drinking was repetitively brought up and hashed about.  How long did I, how long have I not, And other questions of it.

AN Hour left till pill time and their sign in dead line. Then I will find of what happens then.  I will see if I can do this each eve, the next step is finding a hot spot or open wireless system to get things going in that area as well.

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Tues 3=15

Well this day was windy and cool.  Little was done.  However, did have an interesting conversation with Councilor Jim.  He is going to have me talk to Mr. Williamson on the morrow.  Will see what it brings.

AA meeting again this eve.  Guest speaker, and longer than should have been.  In addition, standing room.  I think I made my point that I take up space that someone should be using.  Think Thor’s day I will be excused will find out.

I have also been approached to type up a proposal or a do it yourself weekend basic Faire.  That can be all or parts used for little one day thingy.  This will be good to use mind.  In addition, something I know somewhat of how to do so.

A group of college students for some reason or the other served this eve meal to us.  In addition, the main director of the all here has returned off vacation.

A couple of new people today.  Also the one whom was catching bugs and throwing them to the ground, stomping upon them.  Guess what no bus but somewhat disturbingly entertaining.  Sent to a place where would be better help.

Just a bland day.  Tried the internet outside semi works.  Semi does not.  Nevertheless, I am trying.  The Main library has wireless but is further then the hospital form here.  Even that walk tests my knee recently.

Man on Fire is the movie this eve. Also opening the reserve night pills.  So now, I am on the last bottles I have of things.  No more reserves.  Will see when the Vet sends me a card to go in for the resetting up appointment.

Woden’s day 3-16

Today I was excused from the Drug rehab session after the person speaking at it figured out that I do not nor have done drugs, not drink, not smoke, but is completely addicted to oxygen.

I also spoke with Mr. Williamson.  This was not as much as I thought it might.  Seems he is one of two that help restart you with MI works.  Also looks for jobs in relation to what one knows how to do.  I wait to see what he finds of.

Skype message from one of the places I was dealing with for the company plan.  Also one from Pam Raven.  I have added her to the admin group to learn of things.

Also talked to the main Director of wireless I am to find him in the morrow and figure it out.

The type up is well.  Am going to add the past documents I have on file for him to read and learn from as well

Were kicked out of the mess to a bible/AA small meeting I did not relies has started for I was buried in my type up project.

Again, this eve the college students came and served us.  Ground turkey patty, loaf square, peas, rice with gravy, and cake square.

Also inquired with the Marine Corps League for what it does.  Moreover, things of it.  Seems it helps to process any disability claims put forth.  According to my paperwork, I had one semi started at some point and time.  Therefore, they will find of it and look to see what and how it can be dealt with.  Fri afternoon I find out more.  The CCS and ASPD are the they have in service medical records.

It is now 2130 and still on cots. Several transferred up this day.  I am being told soon more and more.  Still I wait.

Was given a sleeveless shirt in dark blue this day.

Still do not know what the week will end as.  Sleep still eludes being any way restful or well.

Linda called me this afternoon wanting contact ASAP.  I tried twice to contact her.  I use Skype as the first contact now.  Still have not time to attack the e-mail.  So any thing that I need to know leave here.  Ask here.  On the other hand, just let me know that this is not for nothing I suppose.

Thor’s day 3-17

Today has been a day of pain and sleeplessness.  Last night the TV was on until 2 am with full volume.  Then it was turned down t be just a background slight of annoying.  Migraine followed as well.  Got cough as well.  Third night the TV was played and not sleep.  Said something of it to the Jim counselor.  Then during lunch, Coleman saw I was not doing well so I told him as well.  Then the light bulb went off in his head.  Seems He thought I had already been transferred out of intake last Thursday.  He then went to look into it.  Finding out that my file had been incorrectly filed.  As far as the TV, it will be turned off as of 2300 or 2330.

Most of the day was spent in pain and semi awake as well ducking noise and light sources.

I also have semi won with the AA meeting I was pulled from it this eve.  Well perhaps they are finally reliseing that I do not drink.

Gave the Faire documents to Jim today will see what he does with the knowledge.

Ice cream was also found today.  Standard breakfast.  I could not eat lunch the head felt so bad.  Stopped because felt like would cause to throw up.

Sometimes things are still up in the air as far as out of intake.  Waiting for Coleman to figure it out, So far this eve still intake status.

Well the TV did go off and stayed off.  I slept till around 0230 then drifted back till a little past 0300.  Then once again, the every 20-minute or so drift and check the clock till ten till 0500.  That is how good I sleep.  On the other hand, rather do so.

Sat =3-19

Well Friday started early.  Were pulled out of mess and placed in room 314.  The room houses 6 total.  Seems I have gotten he bed from one that was kicked just the night before.  Room has cleaning duties this week and starting Monday kitchen duties.  So going full tilt it seems.  From doing stir foolish doing little to nothing to being put into many things to do.

Got a metal frame with a spring mattress now wrapped in plastic.  A locker with three drawers in it.  Therefore, I have to finally unpack the clothing I brought.  Moreover, semi organizes the few things I have here with me.

Found out that councilor is as well.  One of the on the second shift.  Not one I have not really dealt with nor think much of.  Therefore, this will be interesting.  He says we will continue with paperwork on Monday.  Not really impressed as of yet.

As of those in the room.  Two were in ‘cots’ when I was. Therefore, I have interacted with them a bit more.  One has a laptop as well.  The other two have not gotten much idea of.

Talked to Staff She who is in Charge a bit last night as well?  It was good to find out of the site and try to catch up.  Over 2000 e-mail still await my attention.  Wireless is found here through a large window at the end of the hall.  Sun shines through it most of the day and cooks you.  As long as signal holds, you are good.  Nevertheless, if not then you fuss with trying to be back connected.

1300 at this time will get back to the log this eve I was bad and did not log update last night.

Sun = 20th Spring/Full Moon/ Close Moon/Ostra/Equinox

Well last night after supper went out to find wireless and a new head set.

Head set was found at Radio Shack.  Single ear with boom mike.  Wireless was found and then the world tilted.

Dad is in hospital dehydrated and tummy hurts.  He also collapsed on Thursday.  This not having direct internet sucks and has gotten me a bit bent.

I did call this morning and spoke to him shortly.  Mom says he is grumpy because people are calling him.  However, he is eating.  Have to wait until Monday and the Doctor to tell what and of things.  Then go from there.

This afternoon also went out for a bit to find wireless.  Got the 2000 something messages under control.  Left Denise with the APS folder but if I can I will help with that.

Going to get after Director here for wireless.  Will see how far that goes with doing and being.

A Vet Org came for lunch this day.  Seems they were the same as Christmas day. Lots of bakes things.  Big bunny salad, which they assemble for each.  A fruit salad as well.  Many things left over for the eve meal so had some more fruit parts.

Raining now here at 1833.

Furrie is enjoying the fact I have BP cuff for he has recently been put on pressure meds and was told to monitor his pressure in a log.  Glad I have rechargeable batteries.

Will be doing laundry again this week down again to the last clean jeans.  Machines take tokens.  Two for a dollar.  Thank you Finn.  They provide soap.

Planning to look in the donations for a second pair of boots as well so can start to rotate the wearing of things more.

Therefore, that is how it is so far.  This eve will be catch as I can the wireless here.  For the cold rain is very uninviting.


I have been three days from when I typed last.  Dishes are the focus of the day.  I have gotten into the habit of arriving about 30 minutes early to the detail.  Just to ensure things are washed before the meal starts.  The dishes used are washed as they return.  Then the cleanup dishes are done.

Kind of gotten into a routine with them.  This is good I hope.  Saturday has been told is BBQ.  In addition, Sunday is an outing to a church that plans to feed us.

Read the handbook and found a few things that need to be clarified for me a bit.  Nevertheless, did sign the forms that stated that I knew what was in it this afternoon as well.

Also got into the computer lab room to day.  Got to hard wire the internet and found it works.  Moreover, did a bit of looking of things as well.  Found the American Legion has a small program that may work as well.

Tired as well.  For some reason.  Perhaps it is because I am finally doing something and not used to it.  Alternatively, just the fact the hours here have not become accustomed to yet.  On the other hand, both.

There was a room inspection today as well.  Guess it went well.  Did not see Coleman going nutty because of failing it.

Found a couple of books in the Library and reading them as well.

Finally were caught up with the basic e-mail.  Now just the APS section has to be sorted and done.  Perhaps if can get to the computer connection again I can do something.  Nevertheless, do not hold breath until I can get there.

Thor’s day 3-24

Today was cold and windy.  Nevertheless, the sun shone through out it.  Clouds are starting to darken at 1844 this eve.  It is told that possible in mid-teens tonight.

Dishes and dishes and dishes.  That is the most of the day.  Three rotations first the ones that were used to cook or prepare.  Then the eating plates and things used to serve.  Then comes what is emptied.

Standard breakfast is pancakes, oatmeal, grits, baloney or ham slices, tater tots.  Lunch is hot dogs french-fries or cold cuts, and/or a pasta something.  Dinner is the basic meat, which is usually chicken of some sort.  Potatoes or rice.  A veggie or two.

Arranged for the typing of the plan to be printed.  So can have it on hand for the councilor assigned to me if am asked for it.

In addition, a letter came for me from Isabell.  She also wrote one for powder monkey as well.  Will reread again and think upon it.  First impression is her yelling at me for things as usual.  With the phrase of out of sight out of mind no longer of concern to her in the back of my mind.

I know that is not a good thing to think but it is a constant.  I have fallen to where her family seems to think I should be.  I do not know how I will ever get her back into my life.  I am sitting in a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Facility for Vets.  Moreover, the only reason I am allowed to stay here is only that I am a Vet.  In addition, no one really knows what or how to deal with me because of it.  The rules and programs are again not available or designed for me nor open for my use.

I did find in the clothing room two t-shorts and another pair of jeans today.  This is good to have another pair to add to the rotation of clothing.

In addition, it seems the rumor that the conciliar assigned to me will be leaving as well.  No matter he did not seem interested in doing anything with me or my questions I told him I had yesterday.

The starlings are outside.  I can tell they are so by the yellow bill and brown iridescent of black wings.  Sitting here with a panoramic view of downtown Detroit.  The sun turns the buildings colors.  I can see the stadium area as well.  A very gothic church.  Some older buildings and the round sliver metal of the GM building.  The Fox theatre sign as well is in sight.  For being a larger city of many miles long, the downtown is easy to fit into this window sight.  Less than a dozen high buildings I can see.  However, all around here there is many closed places.  In ruin or damaged closed and spray tagged with boarded up windows or no windows at all in them.

Saturn's day 3-26

Well Friday was more of the same 0730 till a bit after 0900 breakfast dishes then 1130 until about 1300 for noon meal.  Once again 1630 until 1800 for eve meal.  I read two more books one was Windmill by kootz, the other was of the nomadic caravans and tribes, it felt good to read of the way I enjoy life could be.

Today it is 0830 until 1000, 1130 until 1300 then again for 1630 until around 1800.  One surprise was the meat loaf this noon as done with buffalo.  That was a good thing to have.

The weekend cook seems to be a better then the rest in things.  The morning cook is close.  Then the week daily cook is last in the enjoyed order.

Last night another bible study as well as this day we have ben invaded by a church youth group that did an hour and half study of the book this morning and all this afternoon has been hanging out and talking to the residents floating in and out of the center.  So far, they have not approached me for much.  Seems they also had a mission to pass out brown bag lunches to the area people on the streets.  In addition, looking up seems more have arrived and invaded.

One more day of dishes for me then back to the finding of what and how here can help me.

I faced typing up a response to Monkey Boy today.  It was hard not to sit here, tear, and show how it tore at me to do so.  I am not good enough to type upon Isabell’s yet.  That may have to be done when none is around and the hollow is well chained and abated within.  Right now after typing what I have it is just below the surface waiting to take control once again.  So much, I hold upon but less and less controlled within.  Where is the place I can go to curl up and just let it consume me, which at times I think would be the best.  Nevertheless, fight self to do so for it also fears within the losing what little I remain of control at this time.

I doubt many of these here really know of anything those living here are of.  Most are sub adult or just adult age group.  Nevertheless, the conversations with different people help many.  They are talking to some but mostly group upon themselves.  Texting and just doing what they have to do not with meaning it feels.  Just the motions.  Seems this is a constant idea and they do so often.  One could I guess enjoy the interaction but few I hear seem as self, most are mask and cosmetically here.

Ok for knowledge those in the room, Ed Furrie, Derrick, Will, ‘Doc”, and one who dress and acts like he is above and supervisory to many.  Derrick has a laptop and he and I friendly compete for the window desk for signal at times.  Furrie has become an acquaintance and one to talk to.  He also helps with the dishes.  Will sleeps a lot and is quiet.  ‘Doc’ seems a bit off and different political and ‘collage’ attempt of conversational styles.  The other is on his ear bud and dress in upper clothing suits and dress items.

Sunnandæg   3-27

Well today, things will be slower paced.  This morning most were bused to a church for a sermon and meal.  I stayed behind to work the Kitchen as I have been assigned.  Also to avoid the christen force-feeding.  I came down time and was told that there would be no breakfast.  Then 10 minutes later the cook, which I found out is brother to the director Chapman, decided to feed those whom stayed here.  Hence, we still had the 0900 meal and duties.  I type now between that and the 1130 time I check in before lunch.  I have seen the meat frozen for this eve meal being taken out separated and started to prepare.  Also told that they do not expect people back until around 1400 or so.

Still have not gotten on line to Mom yet but have seen messages she has left of dad is home.  Moreover, he is doing ok.

Well the alarm of the building next door is going off.  Seems the Cook had to get supplies and set it off.  Waiting for it to quiet down once again.  Nevertheless, seems will not it someone pushes the correct buttons.

Filled out a packet for a temporary job.  It was mostly drug this, alcohol that, and are you a good person.  Many pages for drug and alcohol words questions and asking’s.

Well the eve has arrived and kitchen duties are officially over for the time being.  No more dishes.  Now just down during food time and eat then get the >>>> out of there.

Think I did a good impression.  Tried to do as needed.  Some said I took on the hardest job of dishes.  Arriving as I did 30 minutes early to get things cleaned maintaining the dishes throughout the meal, then finishing what needed to be done.  I was able to comfortably do this.  Knee and hip did not agree nor like things at times.  Nevertheless, I got through it.

Tired and feeling run down the week it seems has taken a toll upon the body.

Need to get tokens for laundry as well.  For the wet and hot water has made many shirts gone through this week.  In addition, is on last pair of jeans that were the new ones I just found in the donated clothing.

The shadows outside are getting longer as well.

Talked to mom dad is better got a doctor appointment for morning.  Mine is for the 1st. He is doing better but still the doctors do not know why.  Have a few pills he has to be on.  In addition, he has low sodium and potassium as well.

I am on two potassium pills a day big bright round yellow ones.

Tiwesdæg 3-29

Well not much on Monday.  Other than applying for the temporary service that hires for the Tiger’s Stadium home games.  Filled out all the papers.  Talked to the Lady.  Sent my resume I found in my files after sprucing and updating it.  Will see what happens.  All one has to do to make them happy is black foot ware, black belt, black paints, studs in ear, and shave.  Will not know if get to the job till 24 hours before they need for the opening game.  Nevertheless, it is an attempt of doing something.

Did laundry as well.  Therefore, that is also taken care of.

Dad seems to be doing ok.  Hearth strong and he is well.  Just some type of guts problem it seems.  From Mom's reaction, guess smoking is also being worked upon.

Vicki is doing well at her job and has a new orange tiger kitten named Jack.  Cori it seems found him and brought him down to help recover from Pumpkin.

Waiting for the clothing room to open so can look for pants and standard belt.

The frenzy this week it seems is that they are reintroducing female occupants to this building & program.  Just one room worth of them that is six I think.  So much hubbub and hype.  Do not do this cannot do that.  They get a flat screen in their room because do not want them mixing it up in the common room with others.  So much male vs. female shit in conversations.  There will be five men that will fall for each of them and fight over them.  Sexual harassment conversations and warnings.  The discussions of that if they are the classic drug or alcohol models they will not be worth looking at or dealing with.  Leave them alone is the bottom line.  With the entire hype, one can only wonder why.

My thought is stoop the stirring, the jokes, and dumbness.  Just let them come and not a pomp dog and pony show of it to draw attention.  However, the building is getting the fine tooth combing and spruce up.  All the security cameras have been redone so they work.  One has been placed outside the female squad room that go directly to Chapman’s office and records.  So much is being blown out of mind I tired of it already.  Just let it happen and deal as you go.  I understand they had the intermix once here already for each floor has a woman’s bathroom upon it.  It seems that then it failed as well.  Therefore, they are e hyper of the happening and really going nuts upon many aspects of it.  Just the ‘pissing higher on the fence’ conversational are getting stupid and old.

Thought were adults here. However, are more being treated as sub adults in a summer camp without adult watching the way the conversations are sounding.

Also used the last of what I had in reserve and sent two more months of storage fees for the trailer as well this morning.  That should take care of April and May.  Now I just have to get through this and make something happen for the good.

Ðunresniht 3-30

Well today was another day.  Walked a bit father than I would want to again, to another job placement agency meeting.  Sent resume to them afterwards as well, Got Appointments for Frigedæg the 1st Tiwesdæg the 5th and the Monandæg the 11th.  Weeeeee.  One Medical, one Score, and one Social worker.  In addition, I am still waiting on USMC League for what they can do for me as well,

Also found out the person assigned to me is leaving Friday as well.  Yep no wonder he did not care to start or do anything towards helping me.

So now will have to figure out who will be next or try to be assigned to the person I have been dealing with.

The Dog and pony show goes off at noon on the morrow.  A special meal for us, roast beast chicken and veggies sheet cake tea and fruit punch has been hinted at.

In addition, the female section will have a special program just their own.  I really hate modern ways.  Cry for equal and to be treated the same.  Yet the world still puts them on a pedestal.  Moreover, they are playing the fact up fully of female and woman and all the political and glimmer to get things out of this.  I am going to find a place to go until it is done if I am able.

Read the book last night finished this morning.  The library here is 75% romance heart sticky books.  Wonder why that is the majority that is available to us.  Guess they are the first to be tossed and donated.

Internet is not connecting again after being connected.  Life of using wireless sources.  Nevertheless, I was able to get in to the hard wire room again today.  I hope that will be able to do so more in the up and coming days.  It is of course my only phone and way to contact perspective employers.  That should get them doing something of it.

Still have not gotten the courage to type to Isabell yet, why does it elude me and fill me with depressed I not want to do so feelings.  On the other hand, hold it tighter long enough to have a straight thought of things.

Repacked the backpack so I can get through the metal detectors as well on Tuesday.  This should be interesting.

Frigedæg “Frig's day" 4-1

Well yesterday turned out kind of a bit less than the hype and pomp.  Yes, we had a meal that was catered.  OF Roast beast slices in gravy, chicken breast seasoned, mash potatoes, salad, and sheet cake.  Nevertheless, that was about all of it for me.  The ceremony was held where not enough room for everyone.  Therefore, I stayed out back on a picnic table, until food time.

The two weeks leading up to the action was not justified.  Too much hype and pomp.  Not enough doing or results.  Other than a bunch of people donations of money and items.  Which are explicated for the woman’s area.  Hell, they got full bed covers, Sheets blankets comforters.  All I go tis a sheet and a disaster wool blanket given to me.  Hence, the dollhouse or little girls’ room remakes going around.

No women showed up, did no think they had female on tap like was being indicated.  In addition, a 700,000 grant was issued just for their program.  This is to be different from the rest here.  Semi separated and away from us.

Last night found someone that professionally does things with starting businesses.  They stated would call by Monday of things.  I have already sent them what I have typed at this time.

Doctor appointment this morning was at 1000.  Found out they had triple booked the doctor.  So waited until after 1100 to see him.  Answered all the questions asked.  In addition, was set up for a three month rechecking up.  They took five tubes of blood for tests.  That should be interesting to find what they discover.  More pills are to be sent to me as well.  So missed lunch, did not get back until after 1300.

Mom is being snowed on 6 inches right now.  More falling was told up to 14 inches expected.  A wet heavy snow that will freeze solid.  Nevertheless, good for snowman building.

I am feeling like a monkey right now several bananas eaten to have something in tummy.  Walk back did not help any with the missing blood either.




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