________________________________________Wednesday September 22 1965 Gregorian waning crescent moon–sometimes called an“old moon” This is the period when the Moon is decreasing in it's size. It starts about four days after the Full Moon, and lasts until about Four days before the New Moon. Energy is considered to be parting, waning alongside the Moon herself, and is linked with the Crone Aspect of the Goddess.
Long Count:(Maya Calendar)
Baktun =12 Katun=17 Tun=12 Uinal=1 Kin=1

9 ‘Imix Waterlily
19 Mol

Tzolkin date = 11 Akbal
Haab date = 1 Ch’en

G5 or G3 or Lord of the night is G5

Xihuitl: solar year solar year Trecena: 13-day period Tonalli: day
5-Calli As a year bearer, Calli (house) is the sign of day in the tonalpohualli that gives its name to this xihuitl (year). This sign is associated with the direction of the west.

1- Acatl The 13-day period Acatl (Reed) is ruled by Chalchihuitlicue, goddess of lakes, rivers and seas, goddess of horizontal waters. This trecena signifies the transitory nature of all that we may gain in life: it is a reminder to view success and failure, gain and loss, as matters of fate and not as matters of personal worth. The elementals do not reward nor punishment our efforts but, rather, construct the maze within which we might perfect our hearts. The 13 days of this trecena reveal our hearts to us, based on whether we have decided to live within the house of shadows or to seek the secret of happiness elsewhere. These are good days to travel to new places; bad days to hide in fear.

11- Calli The protector of day Calli (House) and the provider of the Shadow Soul or Tonalli is Tepeyollotl, Heart of the Mountain. Calli is a good day for rest, tranquility and family life. Not a good day for participating in public life. Best spent cementing relationships of trust and mutual interests.
Chalmecatecuhtli, is the provider of the Spirit Soul (Teyollia) for days with numeral 11 (mahtlactli-once).
The volatile for this day is the Scarlet Macaw (Alo).
Yoaltecuhtli: Lord of the Night Tlaloc Tlaloc, He Who Makes Things Sprout, the god of rain, lightning and thunder. Het is a fertility god, but also a wrathful deity. He is responsible for both floods and droughts.

Tlaloc is commonly depicted as a goggle-eyed blue being with jaguar fangs. Often he is presented wearing a net of clouds, a crown of heron feather and foam sandals. He carries rattles to make thunder.

Tlaloc was first married to the goddess Xochiquetzal, but then Tezcatlipoca kidnapped her. He later married Chalchihuitlicue. With Chalchihuitlicue he became the father of Tecciztecatl. Tlaloc has an older sister named Huixtocihuatl.

He is the ruler of Tlalocan, the fourth heaven. Tlalocan is the place of eternal spring, a paradise of green plants. Tlalocan is the destination in the afterlife for those who died violently from phenomena associated with water, such as by lightning, drowning and water-borne diseases.
Tlaloc ruled over the third world, 4 Quiahuitl, the world that was destroyed by a fiery deluge.
He is served by various rain spirits called the tlaloque.

In Tenochtitlan, ancient Mexico City, half of the central temple ("Huey Teocalli") was dedicated to Tlaloc. The other half was dedicated to Huitzilopochtli, the god of the Mexica.

Tlaloc is both the protector of the seventh day, Mazatl (deer) and the seventh trecena, 1-Quiahuitl (rain). He is Lord of the Day for days with number 8 ("chicuei" in Nahuatl). Tlaloc is the nineth and last Lord of the Night.
Xiuhpohualli: 365-day calendar20 - Atemoztli (XVII)
Calli - Aztec horoscope Name Calli English name House Tonal name 3 Description House is place of peace and resting. House-people are mostly peacful and good-natured people who enjoy the comfort o fhte home, but in the same time are not ones you want to argue with. Although they might seem to be at peace, don't count on it that it would keep going on. House is a sign of stability, peace and home loving person
Sun sign mayan Tone: 11 - Resolution, Sun Sign: NIGHT (AKBAL) (6th Day of Planetary cycle)
________________________________________Gregorian-Julian Period Date
2429026 Julian Period Day and Mayan Day 1854741

________________________________________dies Mercurii Mercury's day Woden's day Wednesday mercoledì
________________________________________September (pronunciation) (help•info) is the ninth month of the year in the Gregorian Calendar and one of four Gregorian months with 30 days.
In Latin, septem means "seven" and septimus means "seventh"; September was in fact the seventh month of the Roman calendar until 153 BC, when there was a calendar reform from the month of the Ides of March to the Kalends, or January 1.[1]
• September's birthstone is the sapphire. The meaning is clear thinking.
• Its flower is the aster or morning glory.[9]
The equinox named the autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere and the vernal or spring equinox in the southern hemisphere occurs on dates varying from 21 September to 24 September (in UTC). In the pagan wheel of the year the spring equinox is the time of Ostara and the autumn equinox is that of Mabon.
________________________________________The name comes from the Middle English Wednes dei, which is from Old English language Wēdnes dæg, meaning the day of the English god Wodan (Woden) who was a god of the Anglo-Saxons in England until about the 7th century. Wēdnes dæg is like the Old Norse Oðinsdagr ("Odin's day"), which is an early translation of the Latin dies Mercurii ("Mercury's day"), and reflects the widespread association of Woden with Mercury going back to Tacitus.
In Romance languages it is derived from the name of the Roman god Mercury: mercredi (French), mercoledì (Italian), miércoles (Spanish), miercuri (Romanian), dimecres (Catalan), dies Mercurii (Latin). Similarly, in most of the Indian Languages the name for Wednesday, Buddhavar is derived from the Vedic name for Mercury, Buddha. Buddh is also used in Urdu. Russian does not use pagan names but instead uses sredá, meaning "middle," similar to the German Mittwoch. Likewise, Portuguese uses the word quarta-feira, meaning "fourth day" (literally it means "fourth fair", that comes from the latin "feria quarta" - "feria" original meaning is "celebration" - it was so the fourth day of celebration of the week, because all days were days of celebrating God (the name was created by Pope Silvester I, Christian leader between 314-335AD). While in Greek the word is Tetarti(Τετάρτη) meaning simply "fourth." Similarly, Arabic أربعاء means "fourth" and Persian چهارشنبه means "fourth after Sabbath."
The astrological sign of the planet Mercury represents Wednesday -- Dies Mercurii to the Romans, with similar names in Latin-derived languages, such as the French Mercredi and the Spanish Miércoles. In English, this became "Woden's Day", since the Roman god Mercury was identified with Woden in northern Europe.

________________________________________Virgo (The Virgin) (mutable, earth, social): There is some debate in regards to a modern ruler of this sign with Chiron, Pallas, Vesta and Ceres often considered candidate by some modern astrologers, but the planet Mercury is typically used as the default by tradition pending a consensus among modern practitioners; but no one knows if or when this will be. The tropical duration of Virgo is August 23 to September 22.

________________________________________Earth Signs--Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn—
________________________________________In astrology, the mutable signs (also called common signs or bicorporal or double-bodied signs) are a subgroup of the zodiac. They are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. The mutable signs straddle two temperate zone seasons, encompassing an inherent duality in its symbolism.
________________________________________In the tropical zodiac, mutable signs coincide with the times of change in the seasons. They are associated with change and versatility. Individuals born under the four mutable quality signs are thought to be adaptable, impressionable, sharp, sympathetic, communicative, resourceful and restless, with a gift for seeing both sides of a situation at the same time and an immense desire for knowledge, variety and new ideas. They supposedly adapt very well to new situations, possess much flexibility, seldom have any particular agenda and are perfectly happy to fill in an assigned role. However, they are also said to be inconsistent, changeable, nervous, indecisive and irresponsible, with a tendency to get wrapped up in tiny particulars. There is also a certain duality associated with all the mutable quality signs.
________________________________________Interpersonal Signs - Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio - are principally aware of and concerned with others, and sociality.

________________________________________Virgo (Mercury)
Alternatively, some astrologers use the former planets Pallas, Vesta, Juno and Hygiea in their delineations and rulerships, for example Vesta to Taurus and Pallas to Virgo. Some other astrologers believe that the dwarf planet Chiron may be the ruler of Virgo

________________________________________Symbol Zodiac sign Domicile Exile Exaltation Fall
Virgo Mercury Neptune Mercury Venus
________________________________________Jyotish or Indian zodiac
Number Sanskrit Name Western/Greek Name Tattva (Element) Quality Ruling Planet
6 Kanyā "girl" Virgo (Παρθένος "virgin") Prithivi (Earth) Dvisvabhava (Dual) Mercury

________________________________________The second trine consists of the Ox, Snake, and Rooster.

________________________________________Sign Yin/Yang Direction Season Fixed Element Trine
Snake Yin South; South-East Summer Fire 2nd

________________________________________The month of the Snake is May 5 - Jun 5, and the hours of the Snake are 9am - 11am.

________________________________________Fire: The fire person has leadership qualities, and is decisive, self confident, positive and assertive. The direction associated with Fire is South, and the season is summer, which makes it the fixed element for the animal signs Snake, Horse and Sheep.

________________________________________If the year ends in 4 or 5 it is Yang Wood.

________________________________________Mercury Mercury's winged helmet and caduceus Mind (crescent) poised over divine spirit (circle) and matter (cross)

________________________________________Virgo Virgin Arms of maiden holding a sheaf of wheat

________________________________________Year Associated Element Heavenly Stem Earthly Branch Associated Animal
Feb 02 1965–Jan 20 1966 Yin Wood 乙 巳 Snake

________________________________________Season Lunar Month Fixed Element Solar Longitude Solar Term Western Date
Autumn 8th–酉(you) Rooster Metal 164° 白露 báilù Sep 08–Sep 22
________________________________________Within the Four Pillars, the day is the pillar representing information about one's kids or late age.
• 23:00–01:00: 子 rat
• 01:00–03:00: 丑 ox
• 03:00–05:00: 寅 tiger
• 05:00–07:00: 卯 rabbit
• 07:00–09:00: 辰 dragon
• 09:00–11:00: 巳 snake
• 11:00–13:00: 午 horse
• 13:00–15:00: 未 ram
• 15:00–17:00: 申 monkey
• 17:00–19:00: 酉 rooster
• 19:00–21:00: 戌 dog
• 21:00–23:00: 亥 pig
________________________________________Crow People
Birth Dates September 22nd - October 22nd
Earth Influence The Falling leaves time
Influencing Wind The West wind
Totem Grizzly Bear
Direction Southwest
Element Air with Earth
Elemental Butterfly (air) Clan
Function To initiate ideas
Birth & Animal Totem Crow
Plant Totem Ivy
Stone Totem Azurite
Polarity Totem Falcon
Affinity Color Blue
Musical Vibration A Natural
Personality Charming, Friendly, Good natured & Tolerant
Feelings Sensitive
Intention Justice Nature
Cooperative Positive
Traits Idealistic, Romantic & Diplomatic
Negative Traits Indecisive, Frivolous, Gullible and Resentful
Sex Drive
Strong Compatibility's Otter and Deer
Conscious Aim Partnership
Subconscious Desire Harmony and Beaut
y Life Path Harmonization
Spiritual Alchemy Yang Predominates
Should Cultivate Decisiveness, constancy, impartiality & inspiration
Should Avoid Indecision, uncertainty, inconsistency

________________________________________~ The Bear ~
August 22 - September 22

Those born under this sign are usually slow and cautious, quiet and careful individuals. Bear people are generally no-nonsense types who do not tolerate deceit and insecurity in others.

Native American Astrology - Birth Totem Bear
• Birth and animal totem: Bear (August 22nd - September 22nd).
• Moon: Harvest moon.
• Season Aspect: Harvesting time.
• Wind Relation: South winds.
• Directional Relation: South-south-west.
• Element Relation: Earth.
• Elemental clan: Turtle clan.
• Plant totem: Violets.
• Mineral totem: Topaz.
• Polarity with: Wolf.
• Color Aspect: Brown.
• Musical vibration: G natural
• Personality: Practical and industrious.
• Spiritual energy: Masculine energies.
• Emotions: Warm and thought out.
• Positive traits: Detailed, humble, trustworthy.
• Negative traits: Finicky, judgmental and often times hypocritical.
• Compatibilities: Geese and beavers.
• Conscious Desire: Reaching forth, aiming high.
• Subconscious desire: Attaining pure wisdom and truth.
• Spiritual Path: Understanding it all.
• Strengths: Optimism, tolerance and self acceptance.
• Weakness: Fault finding, pessimism and putting things off.
• Keywords - Discerning, careful, practical, precise, kind, critical.
Birth totem bear is an individual whose outer personality is one of quiet observation. As birth totem bear moves through his/her daily life, there is a noticeable careful study of all he/she encounters and experiences. It is as though the intention is to sift and sort through all of the stimuli and input that the conscious mind encounters - to categorize and label each person, action and event so that a greater understanding and assimilation can occur. In the wild, bear is an omnivore, yet their diet will consist primarily of vegetarian fare and larvae or grubs. To attain the morsels of squirming grub, the bear must forage around beneath fallen logs and stones, sifting and sorting through the forest debris in order to be rewarded with the treats they so enjoy and that will provide the sustenance that will benefit their physical well-being. Yet birth totem bear will eventually realize that not everything can be understood with the physical senses alone, and the individual soul of another can never be neatly or completely labeled or categorized as it is dynamic and ever changing with that individual's evolvement.
Until bear can come to the awareness that life is ever-changing, and that to attempt to understand the process with the physical senses alone will inevitably (and invariably) lead to frustration, he/she will be stunting their own spiritual growth. Just as bear must rely upon her/his "higher senses" (intuition) in order to prepare for the lean months of winter and to alert him/her of impending threat, so must birth totem bear learn to rely a little less upon "physical evidence" and more upon his/her inner voice and feelings. In this way, integration of mind and physical to that of the emotions and soul can take place leading to the higher intent of bear’s incarnation - the perfection of the soul.
________________________________________These five planets were identified with the gods of the Babylonian pantheon as follows:
• Jupiter with Marduk;
• Venus with the goddess Ishtar,
• Saturn with Ninurta (Ninib),
• Mercury with Nabu (Nebo),
• and Mars with Nergal.
________________________________________no. symbol long. Latin name English translation Greek name Sanskrit name Sumero-Babylonian name[12]
6 ♍ 150° Virgo The Virgin Παρθένος Kanyā MULAB.SIN "The Furrow";
"The Furrow, the goddess
Shala's ear of corn"

________________________________________tropical zodiac (2009, UTC) sidereal zodiac (Jyotisha) (2009, UTC)[18]
Virgo 23 August – 22 September 13 September – 13 October
Libra 22 September – 23 October 13 October – 12 Novembe

________________________________________ IAU constellation boundaries (2009) Solar stay Brightest star
Virgo 16 September – 31 October 44.5 days Spica

________________________________________Triplicity Day Ruler Night Ruler Participating Ruler
Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) Venus Moon Mars

________________________________________Spring - Earth - Capricorn, Taurus,Virgo

________________________________________Element Horoscope
Earth Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
________________________________________Thoth (August 29 - September 27)
Thoth is the god of learning. Those born under this sign are typically accurate and capable problem-solvers and excellent organizers as well.
However, they would give up anything in return for a better offer.
Strengths: seasoned and original.
Weaknesses: rash, impatient and self-rigorous.
Jobs assumed: journalists, actors, lawyers and teachers.
Ironic, tremendous internal wealth, know how to rapidly connect with others, looks for paternal authority.
Colors: male: brown, female: red carmine
Compatible Signs: Amon-Ra, Thoth
Dates: Jan 22 - Jan 31, Sep 8 - Sep 22
Ironic, tremendous internal wealth, know how to rapidly connect with others, looks for paternal authority.
Role: A creator goddess, she was the mother from which the cosmos emerged.
Appearance: A woman with the wings of a vulture, holding an ankh, wearing the united crown of Upper and Lower Egypt and also a dress of bright red/blue, with the feather of Ma�t at her feet
Sacred Animal: vulture
Those who fall under the sign of Mout are ironic, have tremendous internal wealth, know how to rapidly connect with others, and look for paternal authority.
• Colors: brown (male), red carmine (female)
• Compatible Signs: Amon-Ra, Thoth
• Dates: Jan 22 - Jan 31, Sep 8 - Sep 22
________________________________________Thoth: (August 29 - September 27)
Thoth is the god of learning. Those born under this sign are typically accurate and capable problem-solvers and excellent organizers as well. However, they would give up anything in return for a better offer. Strengths: seasoned and original. Weaknesses: rash, impatient and self-rigorous. Jobs assumed: journalists, actors, lawyers and teachers. {Loosely Corresponds to Virgo}
THOTH (29 Aug - 27 Sep)
Thoth is the Egyptian God of wisdom.
People born under this sign are versatile, methodical, original and precise.
[Loosely corresponds to Virgo 24 Aug - 22 Sep]
Enthusiastic, enterprising, courageous, likes to take risks.

Colors: male: rose, female: white
Compatible Signs: Bastet, Isis
Dates: Apr 1 -Apr 19, Nov 8 - Nov 17

Role: God of wisdom, scribes, and writing
Appearance: An ibis-headed man, or a baboon. Often seen with the moon on his head in either of these forms.
Sacred animals: ibis, baboon
________________________________________January 22 - January 31 September 8 - September 22 MOUT Mother Goddess wife of Amun Sacred Animal : Vulture ironic, have tremendous internal wealth, know how to rapidly connect with others, and look for paternal authority. Colors: brown (male), red carmine (female) Compatible Signs: Amon-Ra, Thoth
________________________________________Virgo 24th August - 23rd September
Carnelian is your Zodiac sign gemstone.
Carnelian is used for clear thinking.
Zircon is your talisman stone. It was said to aid sleep, bring prosperity, and
promote honor and wisdom.
Chrysocolla Quartz is your mystical stone. It is believed that Chrysocolla is a
very feminine stone, which balances emotions and eases heartache and tension.
Citrine is your planet stone. In ancient times, Citrine was carried as a protection
against snake venom and evil thoughts.
Calcite is your lucky charm stone. It aids in awareness and understanding of nature.
________________________________________Apr 1 - Apr 19, Nov 8 - Nov 17 (29 Aug - 27 Sep)

Role: Thoth is the god of learning, scribes, and writing and of wisdom. He was the scribe to the Gods and keeper of the book of the Underworld.
Appearance: An ibis-headed man, or a baboon. Often seen with the moon on his head in either of these forms.
Sacred animals: ibis, baboon
Character: People born under this sign are versatile, methodical, original and precise and accurate, capable problem-solvers and excellent organizers as well, enthusiastic, enterprising, courageous and it's said they like to take risks. Dislike meanness towards others.
Strengths: seasoned and original. Excellent memory, a risk taker, but with challenge, dependable and honest values and morals.
Weaknesses: rash, impatient and self-rigorous, they would give up anything in return for a better offer.
Colors: rose (male), white (female)
Compatible Signs: Bastet, Isis
Signs: Bastet and Isis.
Associated to the months of Shomu, and Akhet.
Loosely corresponds to Virgo 24 Aug - 22 Sep

________________________________________Egyption Zodiac Sign Ra Sun God 22 September to 15 October
• Planet: Mercury Zodiac: Gemini and Virgo Tarot: Magician Number: Four
Morning Glory August 22 – September 22
Eight in Myanmar - Burmese astrology: Zodiac animal sign:Elephant (with tusks) Day of Week Born: Wednesday Morning Ruling Planet: Mercury Ruling Direction: South Personality/Attributes of the Tusked Elephant: You are unpredictable and enthusiastic. You have a taste for danger and action that sometimes gets you into trouble. You are spontaneous and people love you for your passion. You are independent and like to be in control of all situations.
. Zodiac animal signs:Elephant (no tusks) Day of Week Born: Wednesday Afternoon Ruling Planet: Rahu
Ruling Direction: Northwest Personality/Attributes of the Elephant (no tusks): You can be hard to figure out because of your contradictory nature. You are a private person and do not like people meddling in your business. However, you are excellent at promoting yourself and your works. You like taking action, but only if it's a sure thing (little risk involved). You are very successful (especially in business) and you are able to accomplish
________________________________________September – Aster flower
________________________________________Stones of September
Modern - Sapphire Traditional - Sapphire Mystical - Agate Ayurvedic - Moonstone
Hebrew - Chrysolite Roman - Sardonyx Arabic - Chrysolite Hindu - Zircon Polish - Sardonyx Russian - Chrysolite Italian - Chrysolite
Talismanic Virgo (Aug 24 - Sep 22) - Zircon Virgo (Aug 24 - Sep 22) - Symbolizes reason transformed into wisdom. Knowledge and understanding produce wisdom. - Carnelian

________________________________________Lime - Druid horoscope Dates 11.3-20.3,13.9-22.9 Type Masculine Element Fire Description
Lime is a externally calm, silent and timid. He/she is little bit unstable and full with conflicts, but in the same time is very sympatic. Lime has tendency for techniques, and he/she is precise and innovative. Lime hates stress and work, but is not lazy.
________________________________________Badger (bear) - Finnish horoscope Heart sign Bear Dates 1.9-23.9 Description She's mysterious and charming, sensitive and sometimes very emotional. She's interested in science, intelligent consideration and demanding hobbies. She often feels vunerable as child and grows protetive shield over her. She hides her inner in hidden most of the time. Unlike most badgers, she tends to keep herself away from public eye: World is crazy enough. She knows when to listen her friends, and as she grows up she feels radiating peace and sympathy. But as a bear in her heart sign, she can be urgenly ragious answer when she gets mad.
________________________________________House Sign Latin motto Translation Modern title of house
6th Virgo Valetudo Health House of Health
________________________________________September 15 - 27 ~ Cat : An extremely lovable, adorable person, sometimes shy, with a passion for quick wit. At times, you prefer quietness. You love exploring various things and going into depth of each thing. Under normal circumstances you're cool, when given a reason to, you are like a volcano waiting to erupt. You're a fashion bird. People look forward to you as an icon associated with fashion. Basically, you mingle along freely but don't like talking much to strangers. People feel very easy in your company. You observe care in choosing your friends.
________________________________________Birth Month Birth Flower Flower Color Flower MeaningSeptember Aster or Morning Glory Brown, Deep Blue Symbol of Love; Daintiness / Talisman of Love; Affection
Aqua Zircon Black Agate
Blue Agate - Moonstone - Sapphire - Zircon Brown Agate - Carnelian - Citrine - Jasper - Zircon
Clear Moonstone - Sapphire - Zircon
Green Agate -Jade - Jasper - Peridot - Sapphire - Zircon
Orange Carnelian - Jasper
Pink Agate - Jasper - Sapphire - Zircon
Purple Agate
Red Agate - Jasper - Sapphire - Zircon
White Moonstone
Yellow Citrine - Jasper - Sapphire - Zircon

________________________________________Virgo Birthstones (Aug. 24-Sep.22) Carnelian - Jade, Jasper, Moss Agate, Blue Sapphire
Month Arabic Hebrew Hindu Italians Polish Roman Russian
Sep Chrysolite Chrysolite Zircon Chrysolite Sardonyx Sardonyx Chrysolite

________________________________________You are born in Vedic Moon Sign Leo According to Vedic Astrology Classic:
You will have a broad face, will move fearlessly and as balanced as a lion, be physically fit and have beautiful and expressive eyes. The Lord of Leo is the Sun, known as the king of the planetary cycle, so you will have kingly qualities, be cultured, frank and open-hearted and liberal and honest. You will be liberal and large hearted. You will possess qualities of leadership and organization. You will be ambitious and will be desirous of achieving your goal. You will be independent but not impertinent. When you are enraged, you may be aggressive but will have the amazing quality of forgiving and forgetting. You will be fearless, bold, principled and unused of being ordered by others. You will complete your work with dedication but occasionally you may be lethargic and lazy. You may suddenly leave all work and sit down. You will try to live happily in all circumstances. You will be religious, charitable, egoistic and self-respective. You will have drawbacks like arrogance, being fond of flattering, self-praise, a tendency to impress others, self-exposure and partiality in behaviour.
Vedic Moon: Leo 2�36'31" Moon's Nakshatra: Magha Dasha at birth: Ket/Ven/Mer Dasha after birth: Ven/Ven (m/d/y) 5/11/1971
Current Dasha: Mar/Jup/Mon
________________________________________The Vine Muin September 2nd - September 29th The Autumnal Equinox ( Alban Elfed ) Celtic Symbol : The White Swan Zodiac Degrees : 9º00` Virgo - 6º59` Libra Ruling Planet : Venus – Gwena Ancient Goddesses Associated With Venus : Greek : Aphrodite Celtic : Branwen , Guinevere, Etain Character Reference Of The Vine Sign Swan (Ogham = The Vine) Swan September 2 - September 29
________________________________________Wednesday -- Woden's day
Middle English wodnesday, wednesday, or wednesdai
Old English wodnesdæg "Woden's day"
Latin dies Mercurii "day of Mercury"
Ancient Greek hemera Hermu "day of Hermes"
Woden is the chief Anglo-Saxon/Teutonic god. Woden is the leader of the Wild Hunt. Woden is from wod "violently insane" + -en "headship". He is identified with the Norse Odin.
Mercury is the Roman god of commerce, travel, theivery, eloquence and science. He is the messenger of the other gods.
Hermes is the Greek god of commerce, invention, cunning, and theft. He is the messenger and herald of the other gods. He serves as patron of travelers and rogues, and as the conductor of the dead to Hades________________________________________
The Korean zodiac is identical to the Chinese one. The Vietnamese zodiac is almost identical to Chinese zodiac except that the second animal is the water buffalo instead of the ox, the fourth animal is the cat instead of the rabbit and the eighth animal is the Ram instead of the sheep. The Japanese zodiac includes the wild boar instead of the pig. The Thai zodiac includes a naga in place of the dragon. Due to confusion with synonyms during translation, some of the animals depicted by the English words did not exist in ancient China. For example, 羊 can mean both goat and sheep, but goat is the species that existed in central China before sheep, and goat is the species seen in illustrations, not sheep. Similarly, 鼠 (rat) can also be translated as mouse, as there are no distinctive words for the two genera in Chinese. Further, 豬 (pig) is sometimes translated to boar after its Japanese name, and 牛 (water buffalo) is commonly thought to be ox.________________________________________
Remember that the Vietnamese/Chinese New Year typically starts in late January or Early February so if your birthday falls in those months you may actually belong to the zodiac animal from the prior Julian year. Year: 1965 Attribute: ất Animal: tỵ(rắn) Animal (english): snake ________________________________________
Vietnamese also believe the hour in which a person is born influences that person's life. For instance, the hour of the rat is between eleven o'clock at night to one o'clock in the morning, the time when rats are actively scurrying for food. The hour of the buffalo is from one o'clock in the morning until 3 a.m when buffaloes are fed before they are led out to the rice paddies. The hour of the tiger is from 3 a.m. to 5 a.m. when it is known to finish its search for food. Each two-hour period is therefore designated for a certain animal. So we have from 5 to 7 a.m in the morning, the hour of the cat; from 7 until 9 a.m., the hour of the dragon and this ends with the hour of the pig, which runs from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. at night, the time when you sit down, relax and get ready to retire. What a nice time to be born!________________________________________
The ancient Chinese astronomers called the five major planets by the names of the Five Elements. Venus is Metal (gold); Jupiter is Wood; Mercury is Water; Mars is Fire; Saturn is Earth.________________________________________
Traditional Snake Attributes/Associations
Zodiac Location 6th Ruling hours 9am-11am Direction South Southeast Season and month Spring, May
Lunar Month Dates May 5-June 5
Gemstone Agate

Agate is a microcrystalline variety of quartz , chiefly chalcedony, characterised by its fineness of grain and brightness of color. Although agates may be found in various kinds of rock, they are classically associated with volcanic rocks but can be common in certain metamorphic rocks....

Color Red

Red is any of a number of similar colors evoked by light consisting predominantly of the longest wavelengths of light discernible by the human eye, in the wavelength range of roughly 625?740 Nanometer....

Roughly equivalent western sign Taurus
Taurus (astrology)

Taurus is the second astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the Taurus . In western astrology, this sign is no longer aligned with the constellation as a result of the Precession ....

Polarity Yin
Yin and yang

In Chinese philosophy, the concept of yin yang is used to describe how seemingly disjunct or opposing forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world, giving rise to each other in turn....

Positive Traits Wise, ambitious, charming, logical, intelligent, creative, compassionate, discreet, honorable, humorous, attractiveness
Negative Traits critical, anxious, snobbish, mendacious, calculating, distrustful, possesive, loner________________________________________
Of these animals one is mythical (the dragon) and four (rat, tiger, snake and monkey) are wild, shunning contact with humans. Seven are domesticated.________________________________________
Each animal sign of the Chinese Zodiac is also linked with the traditional agricultural calendar. The zodiac is further interpreted by readings of the four animal trines:
• First: Rat, Dragon and Monkey.
• Second: Ox, Snake and Rooster.
• Third: Tiger, Horse and Dog.
• Fourth: Rabbit, Ram and Pig.
Each sign is subsequently linked to a season and any one of the five elements: Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal and Water. Each of the elements is again linked to one of the 5 major planets and special animal representation:
• Mercury—Water-Black Tortoise.
• Venus—Metal- White Tiger.
• Mars—Fire-Vermilion Bird.
• Jupiter—Wood- Azure Dragon.
• Saturn—Earth-Yellow Dragon.________________________________________
Fire Signs Planet: Mars Sheep Snake Horse
Romance Signs And Power Signs
The twelve signs have been divided into two categories - six signs are considered as power signs while the remaining six are considered as the romance signs. The romance signs include Pig, Dog, Rooster, Ram, Horse, and Rabbit. The Power signs include Monkey, Snake, dragon, Tiger, Ox, and Rat.
The elements are also associated with colours, the traditional correspondence being green to Wood, red to Fire, brown to Earth, white to Metal, and black to Water.

September 22nd, 1965...

Tonight is WednesdayOn this date, the moon was looking like this.
(waning crescent moon)

Your zodiac sign: Virgo
Celtic astrology: your sign is Willow
Aztec astrology: your sign is Wind (eecatl)
Egyptian astrology: your sign is Mout
Chinese astrology: your sign is Snake of wood
Calli - Aztec horoscope

English name

Tonal name

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A new 12-year cycle started at Feb 7, 2008 with the Year of the Rat according to the Chinese calendar. This important cycle (or era) ends at Feb 5, 2019. It is a 12-year period generally ruled by the universal element of Earth. There are also other elements which rule over each of the 12 years. For example Earth rules over the first and the second year of the cycle (2008, 2009) while Metal rules over the third and the fourth year of the cycle (2010, 2011). The year 2008 is also ruled by the sign of the Rat and has a Yang (male) nature. So 2008 is the Yang year of the Earth Rat. What are the predictions for the sign of the Snake for 2008? This is what this article is all about.

According to my predictions, it is the Snake people who will dominate this 12-year era. This will become pretty obvious during 2013 which is the Snake's favorable year. Snake people are lovers of the backscene and they never stop thinking. This is what they will do during 2008, the year of the Rat. They will use the Rat's leading and dominating energy to leave their mark on every year from 2008 to 2019 (when the year cycle ends). That's what they always do. That is why 2008 is a crucial year for them.

2008 is a good year for Snake people to educate themselves about future events, to read and learn new things that will help them achieve their goals. Snake people will have the magical ability to look into the future of the 12-year era. This is how they will rule. They will know deep inside them that this era will be one of the most important for mankind. They will know they will play a significant part in every major global change. This fact might make them a bit arrogant which is something they must try to avoid.

The element of Earth which rules over 2008 will cause trouble to Snake people making them very rejecting and prideful. It will not help them if they rely entirely on themselves. They should listen to other people's advice before making any heavy decisions. They should work against their tendency to reject advice from anyone but themselves.

The Yang nature of 2008 can make Snake people very discreet and diplomatic increasing their communicative skills. On the other hand it can make them very judgmental and capable of betraying other people. Other signs should be extra careful when dealing with Snakes this year.

Here are my predictions using the five star system. This has to do with the overall positive energy that the Snake will receive during 2008. One star (*) means less energy than expected, while five stars (*****) mean more energy than expected. Three stars (***) mean equal amount of positive and negative energy which is a balanced situation:

Snake energy prediction for 2008
Work issues:****
Love issues:*****
Social issues:****
Spiritual issues:*****
Body issues:*****

SnakeWise, sensual, prudent, purposeful, mendacious.

Chinese Zodiac Symbols:

The Chinese Zodiac symbol meanings are derived from the Four Pillars. These are basically columns designed during the reign of the Han Dynasty between 206 BC and 220 AD. Each pillar represents a branch and relates to the hour, day, month and year of birth, for readings according to Chinese astrology. The first pillar represents the allotted element and animal of the specified year of birth, the second refers to the element and animal of the specified month, the third relates to the element and animal of the specified day, while the fourth denotes the element and animal of the specified hour of birth. While the year column offers information on ancestry, the month column relates to parentage, and the day and hour columns offer an insight into characteristics of a spouse and children, respectively. Each animal sign of the Chinese Zodiac is also linked with the traditional agricultural calendar. The zodiac is further interpreted by readings of the four animal trines:
• First: Rat, Dragon and Monkey.
• Second: Ox, Snake and Rooster.
• Third: Tiger, Horse and Dog.
• Fourth: Rabbit, Ram and Pig.
Each sign is subsequently linked to a season and any one of the five elements: Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal and Water. Each of the elements is again linked to one of the 5 major planets and special animal representation:
• Mercury—Water-Black Tortoise.
• Venus—Metal- White Tiger.
• Mars—Fire-Vermilion Bird.
• Jupiter—Wood- Azure Dragon.
• Saturn—Earth-Yellow Dragon.
The balance of the essential life-forces, yin and yang, is represented in the Chinese horoscope by a unique form of geomancy. Each of the elements represents a particular direction, season, color and parts of the body.

• Direction: East
• Season: Springtime.
• Color: Green.
• Internal organs: Liver, gall bladder.
• Direction: West.
• Season: Autumn.
• Color: White.
• Internal organs: Lungs, respiratory system.
• Direction: Center.
• Season: Transition periods.
• Color: Yellow.
• Internal organs: Spleen, stomach, digestive system.
• Direction: North.
• Season: Winter.
• Color: Black.
• Internal organs: Kidneys, skeletal framework, excretory system.
• Direction: South.
• Season: Summer.
• Color: Red.
• Internal organs: Heart, circulatory system.
Across the orient, it is common to see different animal substitutes for different original representations. For example:
• The Vietnamese zodiac replaces the ox with a water buffalo, cat instead of rabbit and sheep instead of ram.
• The Japanese zodiac uses the wild boar instead of the pig.
• The Thai zodiac replaces the dragon with a serpent.
• In Kazakhstan, a snail substitutes the dragon and a leopard replaces the tiger.
Although the Thai Zodiac is similar to what we use in the West, you will see from the following chart that the Thai version is off by about 23 days. According to "Thai Ways" (Denis Segaller 205), this is because the Western version takes the sun as its reference point. While in the Thai system, the earth is taken as the reference point.
Western Thai
Aries March 21 - April 20 April 13 - May 14
Taurus April 21 - May 21 May 15 - June 14
Gemini May 22 - June 21 June 15 - July 15
Cancer June 22 - July 22 July 16 - August 16
Leo July 23 -August 21 August 17 - September 16
Virgo August 22 - September 23 September 17 - October 16
Libra September 24 - October 23 October 17 - November 15
Scorpio October 24 - November 22 November 16 - December 15
Sagittarius November 23 - December 22 December 16 - January 14
Capricorn December 23 - January 20 January 15 - February 12
Aquarius January 21 - February 19 February 13 - March 14
Pisces February 20- March 20 March 15 - April 12
I always thought I was Gemini, but if I was born in Thailand, I would have been Taurus.
Wat Jed Yod was built in the 15th century by King Tilokarat , the 9th King of the Lanna kingdom, to house the 8th World Buddhist Council. Over a hundred Monks from all round the world came to Wat JedYot and the Council lasted for about a year.
The name Jed Yod comes from the seven spires on top of one of the buildings and the temple is modelled on the Mahabodhi temple at Bodhagaya in northern India which is the site of The Buddha's enlightenment. The Bodhi Trees at Wat Jed Yod are said to come from the original Bodhi Tree The Buddha sat under.
The remains of many fine carvings can still be seen on some of the buildings and the temple complex is one of the most peaceful sites in Chiang Mai.
a Wednesday Mercuri is Latin language. The Lord of Wednesday is very beautiful. His dress is like ascetic. His transport is the white elephant. His hand holds reamer. His skin is so green, like emerald. There is a silver radius around his head. Greeks call "Mercuri or Hermes". He has a magic crown and flying shoes. He is the Lord of talk, overseas commerce, and communication. Best careers are currency trader, an author, a speaker, businessman, or a singer. You'd better study in business administration and lawyer. Gems that will bring you luck are Emerald & Jade.

Snake- it governs the hours of 9 am to 11 am and the years of 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013 and 2025. These people are known to be very wise but they speak very little. While they can be calm and profound at times, they also have the ability to be cruel, dangerous and short-tempered.
Animal: Japanese: Kanji: Rat Ne 子 Ox Ushi 丑 Tiger Tora 寅 Rabbit U 卯 Dragon Tatsu 辰 Snake Mi 巳 Horse Uma 午 Goat/Sheep Hitsuji 未 Monkey Saru 申 Rooster Tori 酉 Dog Inu 戌 Boar Inoshishi 亥
• Some of the animals also have different readings than daily use. Compare the snake, “hebi” in daily use, with “mi” in the zodiac.
Things can be divided further and further though. You can divide these by five elements: earth, fire, water, air and metal. These can then be divided even further into a pair of “stems”, for a total of ten stems. The stems related to the notion of yin/yang, or inyō in Japanese (陰陽). Japanese “in” (陰) is yin, while yō (陽) is yang. Often times these are referred to as big brother, or “e” (兄), and little brother, or “to” (弟), as well. These are called jikkan (十干) and are organized like so, with pronunciations added:
Element: Reading: Yin/Yang: Stem: Pronunciation:
Wood: 木 ki Yang (e) 甲 kō
Yin (to) 乙 otsu
Fire: 火 hi Yang (e) 丙 hei
Yin (to) 丁 tei
Earth: 土 tsuchi Yang (e) 戊 bo
Yin (to) 己 ki
Metal: 金 kane Yang (e) 庚 kō
Yin (to) 辛 shin
Water: 水 mizu Yang (e) 壬 jin
Yin (to) 癸 ki
A few notes here as well:
• All the elements are read as native Japanese “kun yomi” readings only.
• All the stems are kanji that show up elsewhere in Japanese, but here they take on different meanings, readings.
So, how do you read this? If someone is born as the element wood, or “ki” and the yin stem, or “otsu”, this is read as ki no to. If yang stem, then ki no e. That’s why I mentioned “e” and “to” above under yang and yin. The only exception to this rule is “metal” which sounds awkward if you say kane-no-e or kane-no-to, so it gets shortened to ka-no-e or ka-no-to.
Now, putting this altogether. If you consult the chart here, you can figure out for your birth year, what stem and animal is associated with it. So, for me, being born in late 1977, I am a “yin fire snake”, since “丁” is the yin version of fire (see above). Thus, in Japanese, I could say I am hi-no-to-mi, or “fire yin snake”: 火の丁巳
The Japanese Zodiac Sign of the Snake
What's so special about hebi?
All about the Snake.
In Japan, we say hebi. In Japanese Hiragana, we write it as へび.

The Japanese Snake Zodiac sign are for people born the year 1917 and each consecutive 12 year period thereafter.

The Birth years of the Snake Sign:
2001, 1989, 1977, 1965, 1953, 1941, 1929, 1917
People born in the year of the Snake Japanese Zodiac are amazing deep thinkers before committing to anything. Snake people are very determined individuals and pursue there dreams and ambitions to the highest limits. The hate to fail in there dreams and desires in life.

Snake people don't speak much, in fact they speak very little keeping there ideas and thoughts to themselves yet they possess a tremendous form if wisdom and mental strength.

Snake Sign individuals are good with money and financial matters, they are fortunate and are able to obtain there financial rewards in life through there continued persistence nature.
Five Elements
Related to junishi is jikkan, another system imported from China. The jikkan is based on the 5 elements or energies that constitute the world. In the west we have the 4 alchemical elements.... Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. The Sino-Japanese system uses five: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood.
In this system Fire generates Earth, which generates Metal, which generates Water, which generates Wood, which generates Fire. The 5 elements system is used extensively in a variety of health, design, time, and spatial systems.
The jikkan is derived by each element having a "younger" and "elder" aspect. This gives us the "10 trunks" (jikkan), which combined with "12 animal years" (junishi) creates a 60 year cycle wherein each year is a unique combination of animal and element. ( it's a little complicated as some animals are only associated with the "younger" element, and some animals only with the "elder" element). The jikkan-junishi system was known as ETO, and was used as a dating system and for fortune telling . The current 60-year cycle began in 1984, so this is year 20, "younger"-water Sheep year. While no longer in extensive use, Eto makes an appearance as the Japanese set great store in a person's 60th birthday. It is seen as the ending of one life-cycle and the beginning of a second.
Blood Type
Finally, there is the uniquely Japanese system of believing that a person's blood-type determines character. While there has never been any scientific evidence to support this claim, it is a surprisingly pervasive belief among Japanese, and the chances are that you are more likely to be asked your blood type than your sign. The idea of blood type determining character was first put forward in 1927 by Takeji Furukawa. The idea was popular for some years, but faded from public consciousness upon his death until revived again in the 1970's by journalist Masahiko Nomi who has since published over 16 books on the subject. Add to this several dozen books by other authors and a slew of TV programs, and you get an idea how much the idea has gripped the Japanese public. Several of these books have been translated into English, and a few books have been written by western authors, mostly in the area of New Age studies. Here some of the characteristics attributed to each blood type:
Type A
calm, composed, serious, reliable, perfectionist, arrogant, suppress their emotions.
Type B
curious, bright, cheerful, enthusiastic, superficial, unreliable, selfish.
Type 0
carefree, generous, independent, flexible, clumsy, flighty.
Type AB
sensitive, considerate, careful, efficient, strict, moody
The most common blood type in Japan is A, with 38% of the population. The most common in Britain and the U.S. is Type O. Interestingly the most common type among Japanese Prime Ministers is O.
Blood-typing is used to determine compatibility for marriage and romance, and also for career paths, since it is believed that type A make the best managers. 1n 1930 companies started asking for blood-type on application forms, a practice that is still sometimes used today. As with any system that categorizes people into types, some blood groups are seen as inferior. For a while, some companies tried dividing their employees into work groups based on blood type, and no one wanted to work with the AB group. Almost all Japanese know their blood group, and if a foreigner is asked and doesn't know his or her group, it will likely be believed that they really do know it but are ashamed of it.
The Vine

September 2nd - September 29th
The Autumnal Equinox ( Alban Elfed )
Celtic Symbol : The White Swan
Zodiac Degrees : 9º00` Virgo - 6º59` Libra
Ruling Planet : Venus - Gwena
Ancient Goddesses Associated With Venus :
Greek : Aphrodite
Celtic : Branwen , Guinevere, Etain
Character Reference Of The Vine Sign

People Born Under This Sign Have A Sensual Nature With Emotions That Always Run At A High Level, Yet They Can Appear Remarkably Cool In The Face Of Opposition. They Are The Instinctive Organizers Of Life, Always Ahead Of The Field When It Comes To Contingency Plans, And It Is A Great Mistake To Underestimate Vine Characters. For People Born In The First Two Weeks, Their Emotions And Energies Are More Openly Expressed. Their Weak Points Are Related To The Inherent Imbalance Of The Sign, An Inability To Come To Terms With Certain Aspects Of Their Lives. Their Positive Traits Are Shown With Their Natural Enthusiasm And Support Of Partners. For People Born During The Last Two Weeks Under The Waning Aspect Of The Full Moon, This Imbalance Is Corrected At The Time Of The Autumnal Equinox On September 23rd And They Have The Ability To Forgive With True Compassion. They Are, However, Rather More Difficult To Comprehend And They Are Prone To Over- Indulge Their Sensuous Nature. Generally Speaking, People Born Under This Sign Can Help To Create Harmony And Stability, But They Can Also Become Some- What Parasitical Or Totally Dependant On The Good Nature Of Others.

Ra (the Sun God)
(September 22 to October 15)

You'll have no trouble finding Mr/Ms Right because you're what every man/woman is looking for - tender, understanding, passionate, and intensely loyal. Men/Women will flock to you, so you can afford to be choosy.

Pick the man/woman who is most deserving of the prize you are, and don't look back. Your only fault is a tendency to wonder if you made the right choices in the past, so keep your eyes peeled on the future

Direction: south

Fix element: fire

Hour: 9 am – 11 am

Metal snake: 1881, 1941, 2001
Water snake: 1893, 1953, 2013
Wood snake: 1905, 1965, 2025
Fire snake: 1857, 1917, 1977
Earth snake: 1869, 1929, 1989

Favourable day: tuesday

Favourable day for health: friday

Bad day: wednesday

Good harmony with: Buffalo, Bird, Sheep, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake.

Bad harmony with: Wild-boar, Tiger, Horse.

Qualities: wisdom, reflective, perspicacity, sharpness of mind, magnetism, deep thougths, sense of humour, subtleness, clear-sightedness.

Lacks: possessivity, venality, revenge desire, irritability, resentment, lazyness.

Favourable planet: Mars, Venus

Non-favourable planet: Mercury

Additional notes: snake people born in a hot day tend to be happier than those born with bad weather. Snakes born in winter are calmer and more quiet. Snake natives rapidly consume their energies and need a lot of rest. Health is their weak point and their nervous system is extremely delicate and their tensions often reflect on the stomach.
Kanya (August 22 - September 23)
Kanya is ruled by mercury and is a feminine negative mutable earth sign. The perfectionist Kanya is precise and methodical. With ruling planet Mercury (symbolizes Communication), Kanya are possessed of an ability to reason clearly, resolve issues and take a romance to new heights. Kanya is precise and methodical like no other sign of the zodiac and prove to be the best employee one can ever have. They often dislike delegating and want to oversee every step of the operation themselves. With an easy going nature they are reliable and steady sort and therefore relish the opportunity to be a helpful partner. They are intellectually inquiring, studious and logical, but are good as followers than as leaders and are fond of arts, sciences and languages.

Kanya is the natural sixth house sign, the house which has rule over sickness; hence when a Kanya gets into the clutches of sickness, he is apt to become chronic invalids. Kanya rules the abdominal region, intestines, the lower lobes of the liver, the spleen, the duodenum, and the sympathetic nervous system. The afflictions may lead to cramps in the intestines, wind, colic, malnutrition, diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, constipation, worms, catarrh of the bowels, and appendicitis. Most suitable job for them is in a library or office than a workshop. The ideal soul mate for a Kanya is a well-dressed person who is empathetic and dying to show him good time. They get along well with Meena.
Diplomatic and popular, the Snake has the sensual art of seduction down. This Sign is an interesting mix of gregariousness paired with introversion, intuitive reasoning paired with savvy business skills. Snakes are considered to be lucky with money and will generally have more than enough to live life to the fullest, regardless of how important it considers money to be; this may be due to the fact that Snakes tend to be rather tight with cash. They're not stingy, they're simply more mentally than physically active. Snakes tend to hang back a bit in order to analyze a situation before jumping into it. Their charming, seductive quality actually belies a rather retiring nature; this Sign is perfectly happy to spend the whole day curled up with a good book and, thus, can be mislabeled as being lazy.
The Snake is somewhat insecure deep down and tend to be a rather jealous, possessive lover, behavior that can end up alienating loved ones. Despite these less-than-stellar tendencies, however, the Snake often proves irresistible and is a generous, loving partner.. Slightly dangerous and disarmingly smart, the Snake's philosophical and intuitive mind generally supersedes logic in favor of feelings and instinct. Snakes will rely on their own gut reactions and intuitions before turning to others for suggestions. This makes this Sign a great hand in any business venture, possessing the caution and smarts needed to get ahead.Snakes are hard workers (when they see good reason to be!) and are possessed of a keen intelligence. Snakes have incredible follow-through, once they get going, and they expect the same from others. Thus, their coworkers and employees had best stay on their toes, lest they anger the Snake and suffer its poisonous bite!
In general, of course, Snakes are generous and genteel, charming and appealing. Snakes must try to learn humility and to develop a stronger sense of self. Once Snakes realize that confidence comes from within, they will finally be comfortable in their own skin.
The most compatible match for a Snake is the Rooster or the Ox.
• 23:00 - 01:00: rat
• 01:00 - 03:00: ox
• 03:00 - 05:00: tiger
• 05:00 - 07:00: rabbit
• 07:00 - 09:00: dragon
• 09:00 - 11:00: snake
• 11:00 - 13:00: horse
• 13:00 - 15:00: goat
• 15:00 - 17:00: monkey
• 17:00 - 19:00: rooster
• 19:00 - 21:00: dog
• 21:00 - 23:00: pig
The ancient Chinese astronomers called the five major planets by the name of the Chinese five elements. Venus is Metal (gold); Jupiter is Wood; Mercury is Water; Mars is Fire; Saturn is Earth. The position of the five planets, the sun, the moon and comets in the sky and the Chinese zodiac sign at the time a person was born determine the destiny of a person's life according to the Chinese astrology. An laborious system of computing one's fate and destiny based on one birthday and birth hours (known as 紫微斗數) is still used regularly in modern days Chinese astrology. The twenty eight Chinese constellation "[xiu4]" (宿) are quite different from the eighty eight Western constellations. For example, the big dipper (Ursa Major) is known as (斗) [dou3]; the belt of Orion is known as (參) [shen], or the "Happiness, Fortune, Longevity" trio of demigods. The seven northern constellations are referred to as [xUan2wu3] (北方玄武). Xuan Wu is also known as the spirit of the northern sky or the spirit of Water in Taoism belief.
In addition to astrological readings of the heavenly bodies, the stars in the sky form the basis of many fairy tales. For example, the Summer Triangle is the trio of the cowherd (Altair), the spinster maid fairy (Vega) and the "tai bai" fairy (Deneb). The two forbidden lovers were separated by the silvery river (the Milky Way). Each year on the seventh day of the seventh month in the Chinese calendar, the birds form a bridge across the Milky Way. The cowherd carries their two sons (the two stars on each side of Altair) across the bridge to reunite with their fairy mother. The tai bai fairy acts as the chaperon of these two immortal lovers. See Qi Qiao Jie for more versions of this story

Remember that the Vietnamese/Chinese New Year typically starts in late January or Early February so if your birthday falls in those months you may actually belong to the zodiac animal from the prior Julian year.
Year: 1965
Attribute: ất
Animal: tỵ(rắn)
Animal (english): snake

Description: Deep thinker, wise, mystic, graceful, soft-spoken, sensual, creative, prudent, shrewd, ambitious, elegant, cautious, responsible, calm, strong, constant, purposeful. Can be loner, bad communicator, possessive, hedonistic, self-doubting, distrustful, mendacious.
Vietnamese also believe the hour in which a person is born influences that person's life. For instance, the hour of the rat is between eleven o'clock at night to one o'clock in the morning, the time when rats are actively scurrying for food. The hour of the buffalo is from one o'clock in the morning until 3 a.m when buffaloes are fed before they are led out to the rice paddies. The hour of the tiger is from 3 a.m. to 5 a.m. when it is known to finish its search for food. Each two-hour period is therefore designated for a certain animal. So we have from 5 to 7 a.m in the morning, the hour of the cat; from 7 until 9 a.m., the hour of the dragon and this ends with the hour of the pig, which runs from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. at night, the time when you sit down, relax and get ready to retire. What a nice time to be born!
Year of the Snake
Enchanting in their spirituality, snakes are considered mysterious, wise, grand, enigmatic, sexy and romantic. People born in the Vietnamese horoscope years 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025, snakes have the enigmatic gift of enchantment through hypnotism.
The Vietnamese zodiac snake are capable of stopping people on their tracks, halting wars, and bringing things to a standstill; thereby, promulgating peace. A snake’s skin is cold and slippery; however, do not let appearances fool you — as soon as the music is on, the Snake person is turned into a sensual being moving to ensnare and beguile.
Career Destiny
A love for music is one of their predominant characteristics. People born under this Vietnamese zodiac sign have the power to evoke deep emotion and affect people in ways that are just awe inspiring.
This penchant to captivate does not work only to the advantage of the snake, but also for the general population. It is good for a snake to be on a stage; away from people where their gifts and charms can be better enjoyed without the danger.
The snake was not given upon the earth to toil and labor, or to merely be a source of entertainment. They are here to keep things in check. To bring repercussions to those who do not make use of themselves. Snakes do not tolerate parasitic people.
Which brings us to another perfect occupation — snakes have the ability to mesmerize people. A politician, diplomat, and ambassador must have the quality a snake possesses, in order to be effective; that’s why snakes are the best for these jobs.

Money, Money, Money
The snake’s ability to analyze complex situations with speed and accuracy, coupled with their enviable resolve to find the best solutions, make a snake valuable to any organization or entity. This ability gives great advantage to the snake’s wallet and bank account. Unlike most of us, people born under the snake zodiac sign rarely have money problems.
A snake person loves to work independently, because then they are in better control of a situation; they do not like being held back by another person. Snakes are keen on learning and improving themselves. Possession of a sharp memory makes their tasks pieces of cake.
Face On, Face Off
Snakes love to reinvent themselves. They pride in themselves for their ability to change at will. This quality is believed to be so because in ancient times snakes were worshipped and revered.
Blessed with elegance and inherent beauty physically (and some from within) snakes love to associate with equally intelligent people. They do not bother with trivialities and foolishness. A snake is always elegant and graceful; striking yet mysterious.
According to the Vietnamese horoscope, the snake is the ultimate symbol of evil. Therefore, it is essential to keep them in check. Never ever over-compliment a snake to the point of worship or they can turn on you. They give good advice but be careful of words that dig deep or they will hurt. They can spit venom through words.
Final Thoughts
Snakes are selective and careful in choosing the people they love and care for. The snake usually thinks of his or her choices before letting the heart get in the way. Elegance, manners and good breeding are a must-have if a person wants to catch the interest of a Vietnamese zodiac snake.
Snakes always clash with the monkey because they tend to be rowdy. They also do not mesh well with the pig and the tiger. A dog and snake combination is doable, but can still be a little tense.
A snake is better when he or she is allied in love with a rooster; they are very compatible. The snake is also compatible with the Ox, but for a female born under the Snake year it is better to find a Dragon person because only the dragon can overcome and tame the snake.

• SNAKES speak little but have tremendous wisdom. They are associated with the damp earth. Snakes symbolize the eternal revolution of the ages and the succession, dissolution and regeneration of humanity. Snake year people are considered calm and gentle, profound, compassionate, but may fly off the handle at times. They are determined and persistent. His hours are 9am to 11am.
Guardian of People Born in the
Zodiac Year of the Dragon & Snake
Who is Your Buddhist/Zodiac Patron Deity?
Fugen is known as the "Great Conduct" Bodhisattva, for Fugen teaches that action and conduct (behavior) are equally important as thought and meditation. Fugen encourages people to diligently practice the Buddhist precepts of charity, moral conduct, patience, and devotion. Fugen made ten vows for practicing Buddhism, and is the protector of all those who teach the Dharma (Buddhist Law).

Fugen is often depicted on an elephant (traditionally a white elephant with six tusks). The six tusks represent overcoming attachment to the six senses, while the elephant symbolizes the power of Buddhism to overcome all obstacles. Fugen is often shown holding the wish-fulfilling jewel or a lotus bud, and is sometimes seated on a lotus petal rather than atop an elephant. The lotus is a symbol of purity, and in Buddhist art, Shaka Buddha (the Historical Buddha) and other Buddhist deities are often pictured sitting or standing on a lotus or holding a lotus. Although a beautiful flower, the lotus grows out of the mud at the bottom of a pond. Buddhist deities are enlightened beings who "grew" out of the "mud" of the material world. Like the lotus, they are beautiful and pure even though they grew up in the material world. Fugen, moreover, is the patron of devotees of the Lotus Sutra, and the lotus is thus fittingly one of Fugen's main symbols.

Mantra in Japanese

AN (Japanese pronunciation)
Fugen's Sanskrit Seed Syllable
Sanskrit, Chinese, and Japanese Spellings

English Translations
• Bodhisattva of Universal Goodness
• Bodhisattva of Great Conduct; Fugen made ten vows of practice and faith; Fugen symbolizes praxis (i.e., the diligent practice of Buddhist tenets)
• One Who Is All-Pervadingly Good
• One Whose Beneficence is Everywhere
• Protector of Those Who Teach the Dharma (Buddhist Law)
• Embodies Wisdom of Essential Sameness
• Made Ten Vows of Practice and Faith
• Prominent in the Lotus Sutra
• Popular by Heian Era among Tendai Sect
• Often depicted riding an elephant
• Zodiac Patron for People Born in Years of the Dragon & Snake
Bodhisattva of Practice. Fugen represents meditation and practice (praxis) in Mahayana Buddhism. Fugen is often accompanied by Monju Bosatsu, who in contrast symbolizes wisdom and the enlightened mind (realization). In Japanese artwork, Fugen and Monju are often shown flanking the Historical Buddha (Shaka) in a grouping called the Shaka Trinity (Jp. = Shaka Sanzon), with Fugen placed to the right of the central Shaka statue and Monju situated on the left. In this triad, Fugen is often depicted holding a lotus flower and riding an elephant (to symbolize the great power of Buddhist practice in overcoming all obstacles). Monju is frequently depicted with a sword in one hand (to cut through ignorance), holding the Sutra of Wisdom in the other, and sitting atop a roaring lion (symbolizing the powerful voice of Buddhist Law).

In addition, in Asia, there is a grouping called the Four Great Bodhisattva (Bosatsu), with each of the four symbolizing a specific aspect of Buddhism. They are Kannon Bosatsu (compassion), Monju Bosatsu (wisdom), Fugen Bodhisattva (praxis), and Jizo Bosatsu (vast patience and salvation from suffering).

Fugen as Patron of Women. Fugen probably arrived in Japan sometime in the 8th or 9th century, for Fugen was already a major deity during the last half of the Heian Period (794-1192 AD). Fugen is a central deity of the Garland Sutra (Avatamsaka Sutra; Jp. = Kegonkyou). Fugen also appears in the Lotus Sutra (Jp. = Hokekyou), which is one of the most important scriptures of Mahayana Buddhism throughout Asia, but especially popular and influential in Japan. According to one source:
In the Heian period, women of the Japanese court adopted a form of Buddhism based on the worship of the Lotus Sutra and Fugen Bodhisattva. The Lotus Sutra is the principle Buddhist text concerned with the salvation of women, and Fugen is the protector Bodhisattva of the disciples of the Lotus Sutra. Thus did the women of the time adopt Fugen as their protector.

Source of above quote:
Indeed, in the 12th chapter (Devadatta) of the Lotus Sutra, the daughter of the Dragon King Sagara attains enlightenment at the young age of eight, illustrating the universal possibility of Buddhahood for both men and women. In Japan, Fugen is also one of the Thirteen Buddha (Jp. = Juusanbutsu), the one who presides over the memorial service held on the 28th day following one's death.

There are other forms of Fugen in Japan as well. The esoteric sects have their own special representations of Fugen in their Womb World and Diamond World mandalas. The Tendai sect invokes a variant form, the Fugen Enmei Bodhisattva, in a special rite for longevity.
Wood Snake Horoscope

February 4, 1905 to January 24, 1906 (Wood Snake)
February 2, 1965 to January 20, 1966 (Wood Snake)
Wood Snake Horoscope
People who are born in the year of Snake with the element of Wood expect things to be in coherent order at all times. They are extremely well organized in life. Wood snake people are usually very artistic, especially when it comes to academic appreciation. They are also talented in the area of artistic collections and music instruments. Wood snake people may appear to be snobbish because they often consider themselves "different" than others. However, they know very well how to hide their arrogance thus it is easy to make friends with wood snake people.
Suggestions for Wood Snake People
Although wood snake people are extremely gifted in various of aspects, but they are still lack of enthusiasm towards new matters and often need to be encouraged by friends and families. Learning a practical skill is essential to wood snake people. They may encounter many challenges in life, listen to others and never look back are the key elements to success for wood snake people.




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Patchwork Merchant Mercenaries had its humble beginnings as an idea of a few artisans and craftsmen who enjoy performing with live steel fighting. As well as a patchwork quilt tent canvas. Most had prior military experience hence the name.


Patchwork Merchant Mercenaries.


Vendertainers that brought many things to a show and are know for helping out where ever they can.

As well as being a place where the older hand made items could be found made by them and enjoyed by all.

We expanded over the years to become well known at what we do. Now we represent over 100 artisans and craftsman that are well known in their venues and some just starting out. Some of their works have been premiered in TV, stage and movies on a regular basis.

Specializing in Medieval, Goth , Stage Film, BDFSM and Practitioner.

Patchwork Merchant Mercenaries a Dept of, Ask For IT was started by artists and former military veterans, and sword fighters, representing over 100 artisans, one who made his living traveling from fair to festival vending medieval wares. The majority of his customers are re-enactors, SCAdians and the like, looking to build their kit with period clothing, feast gear, adornments, etc.

Likewise, it is typical for these history-lovers to peruse the tent (aka mobile store front) and, upon finding something that pleases the eye, ask "Is this period?"

A deceitful query!! This is not a yes or no question. One must have a damn good understanding of European history (at least) from the fall of Rome to the mid-1600's to properly answer. Taking into account, also, the culture in which the querent is dressed is vitally important. You see, though it may be well within medieval period, it would be strange to see a Viking wearing a Caftan...or is it?

After a festival's time of answering weighty questions such as these, I'd sleep like a log! Only a mad man could possibly remember the place and time for each piece of kitchen ware, weaponry, cloth, and chain within a span of 1,000 years!! Surely there must be an easier way, a place where he could post all this knowledge...

Traveling Within The World is meant to be such a place. A place for all of these artists to keep in touch and directly interact with their fellow geeks and re-enactment hobbyists, their clientele.

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