Ann SAGA ring

1 From protuberances - Bard and his sons

Bard was named man Heyangrs son - chieftain Bjorn Sogn . He went to Iceland and was landnámatíð Bárðardal across from Kálfborgará to black on both sides . He lived at Lundarbrekka . His sons were Thorstein and Sigmund , nose Rails and Egil .

Bard was not walking well in the valley , and a sense of peace that no where in the long run . One spring he sent his sons south over the hills at curious , how fell out veðráttufar . It was about Goi . They came back at half- month intervals and were well out of the land . Found the góubitla and other vegetation . Another spring was Bard himself up with all their cargo , and went south Vonarskarð , where now called Bárðargata . He was then Fljótshverfi and lived at Gnupur , and he was the protuberances - called Bard .

But Egil , son of Bard , lived on at Lundarbrekka . He had Salgerði daughter Þóris lobe at Lund. Their son was Ann Ring, which was called the Ring, he had a red circle on the left cheek . Ann was an early artificial vast size and the greatest man .

2 Results Helga hook and settlement

A man named Helgi Hooks, son Goðlaugs Ásgeirssonar Sogn . He started from the Southern Islands to Iceland and kept his ship in Skjálfandafljótsós . He was obliged to Egil and Thorstein the Lundarbrekka in Reykjahlíd . Indignation from his ship at Lundarbrekka . Father and son took him well , and he was there for a while .

One time he came to speak with Egil , that he would settle down in the valley , but it was the BARDARDALUR built.

Egil said: " I have mind at colonization here until dollars , and is very widely based haven , and you shall land up between Skjalfandafljot and Mjóadalsár out to sea. "

After that they rode Egil and Weekend hooks at home and inspected the land and called Króksdal out by a river . Weekend built town of Króksdal and called the holy place . He had a wife , Hallveig named .

A great friendship was with them Hrana arc and Helga hook, and he was often with Helga . Helgi gave him many fine treasures , including a sax one , cheerful Congress. Now feel so stated times , at no bar tidings .

3 Ann avenged Vakrs and weighed Sigfús

It was one autumn , men should seek geld financially to the mountains. Vakr a sheep man named Helga , in equity along with other search began . Ann went too. They were hiking with Mývetninga . Then Gauti lived in Gautland . With him was the man 's Sigfus named best villain and showed many inequities time . He went and looked at the financial Mývetningum .

It so happened that they met, and Vakr Sigfus , and walked together for a while , until they met sauðahóp and chased him long day , until they came to a rift . As they reached the sheep and explored them. Helgi had hooks sheep. Among others there was one other large flocks , is Vakr had wielded. Sigfus has hired sheep and said he even want to have him bothered her . Vakr refused and would not let the sheep . Kífuðu they went about this, until Sigfus sped up his ax and hit Vakrs , so in the overall ranking .

In came Ann and his companions and see what was on that Vakr the road . Asked Ann Sigfús now , why this place, but Sigfus says this is the business of those .

Ann said : " In many came forward inequality and your wickedness, and I will now take him with you. "

Sigfus said, " If I measured them before you, " and ran at Hrana and hit him with the ax , but he drew did before him . Come then blow off the nuts and ran off. That was quite large wounds . Now hit back to Ann Sigfús sword Helga Bull . That hit came in the arm and shoulder was deleted at the site, and hope that he fell down dead .

Became much krytr about this between Mývetninga and Hrana . Buried where they Sigfús . And after this they returned to town with his money , had been found .

4 Audr in Gautland healing Hrana

Now Ann cycle ride at the lake to Thorstein , his uncle , in Reykjahlíd . Thorstein took him well and asked for tidings . Ann said this is a bar of fines might be paid and asked him for her now .

Ann Thorstein showed his wound and said he heard that a woman in Gothenburg Gautland was a best- doctor . " Would I , that you should go with me thither and Peace round of Gothenburg me because of slaying Sigfús . "

Thorstein answered: " It is well, uncle , though I am busy thyself with him about reconciliation . He is also a friend of my good fellow , and , if successful, is sought . "

And after this they both rode at a Gotland and found Gothenburg in útiskemmu time. He greeted them and asked Thorstein good tidings .

Thorstein said, " naught to do with thee , Gauti , and it is you that tale that Sigfus , your household , is slain by Hrana circle, my uncle . "

Thorstein said all their business and said he will bring a sweet mini Gothenburg and Hrana , is receiving a fingrgull at Gothenburg and asked to receive.

Husband liked the looks of the ring , took it and said : " Poorly managed to this , because although Sigfus rebellious elements at most, he was faithful to me , but because of our friendship I will not attend to the aftermath of a vigil . "

They thanked him for his words , and Ann Gothenburg showed his wound and said he heard that Audr his wife were venerable doctor . " Would I stay with you for a while , " he says, "so long as she did at the wound . "

Gauti promised , and it was rather cold out, while Thorstein went home Reykjahlíd . Now viewing Audr wound , and it was very bad . He was there two months , he was almost healed , and then went back home to his father . It now no more things happened at once .

5 Hroald weighed Gothenburg and fell Hrana

Hroald Galt was named man . He lived in Torfastaðir Vopnafjörður . He was the brother Sigfús , Ann is killed , fast man , and the greatest evil manageability alternate . Was he guilty and widely. Now he heard his brother's fall and became very ill with , now called avenge . He makes himself at home now with the seventh man, and went mountain west of the lake at all . It was the summer after the fall Sigfús . They come late in the day at a Gotland . Gauti was in Tunisia and carles three . Gauti Hróaldi greeted and offered accommodation for the night.

That Hroald said he would accept . " I have never, " he says, " an errand to thee , or Sigfus , my brother here? "

Gauti said : " If he's here . " And he says now Hróaldi Galt paint throughout growth and asks him for financial compensation due Sigfús Hrana circle.

But Galt said he would accept no outside life Hrana , - "and I would that thou bring me down to Hrana and strengthened me to avenge my brother . "

Gauti said: " The age I grants to work at the Hrana , command and I still add to it , otherwise I walk in the team with him."

Galt said, " Hrakliga went to speak to you after Sigfús . Was it however you well and long and did dyggiliga , but now you want no such reward that which is not worth anything , and when makligt that you enjoy it at any store . "

Now he rode up the ax and cut to Gothenburg , but Gauti drew away from , and he lost impact. Spear stood in the meadow , and Gauti grabs that and referred the at Galt , he drew did ok for accused no . Now run either side arms , and attended Hroald very fast at Gothenburg , and smelled so that Gauti fell and one of his servant .

But the other two they took , and called paid the money , if they showed the trúliga way Lundarbrekka , but slaves glorified it, and Galt had one of them go ahead and spy if Ann was there. The slave went and we became aware of this , that Ann was not at home . He had been with Helga hook for a while. Now let slave Galt know this , and they ride their way together nine , and showed him the way of all slaves at Skjálfandafljót and of participating in Hrafnabjörg . Rode forward Króksdal until they looked , where viðarhlöss many products . There they saw and three men. One of leizt the sink glorious . He went to Hroald , greeted him and asked his name , but Galt said the truth and asked his name . The man who was for , said Ann , and a son named Egil Lundarbrekka .

Galt said, " Well now exposed in the hunt , that we met here , and then I Sigfús brother whom you killed last summer , and now I came to avenge his needs. I've now killed at Gothenburg Gautland and one his manservant , and two follow me hither to you , and you will now get the same reward as him. "

Ann said: "After I had at supplying them , and the ligament seems to me that you yourself Vagabondage shout at you, since you have me home loaded into the mind , and you will tell me your business Gothenburg , before you lay me at the field. "

Galt tells the truth thereof , and then said : " If any more of you than dugr merbikkju disorder, then avenged his now . "

Ann said : " We shall try both of us, but they sit on our view , it is unevenly team. "

Galt said: "That I will join my and bleyðist you much , and I think you 're now doomed "

"It goes to whatever happens , " says Ann . " This I think you found to be inefficient , since you want to screw with me , and I will not shrink from sliding . "

He had with him his sword Helga Bull and his shield , and is this only now hereafter , at Galt puts his spear through another accessor functions Hrana , so that he fell down dead .

Then Ann said : " This was an innocent to you, and the Reds now at the lowest yard, but EFAR thee corridor opposite with me . "

Galt said, " Such a movement will go as follow jari yours. "

And at that he ran at Hrana and laid shield with the spear , but rather cold bar off and was not wounded . Then hit Ann Galt to shield and clove it. He received and learned wound . Egged on his men to seek at Hrana . Serve them now and download any intensity at Hrana . Kill him now four of them, but Galt drew back .

Then Ann said : " Almost could go now become , if you want to avenge your brother to me , and when you no honor in that other eggs , and Thor himself nowhere near that coming. "

Galt said to his men : "Download Now all at once at him and not let them inquire shame that before facing an equal number of men one man . "

Now he was a second companion Hrana and then drop. Now Dost Hroald , firing at Hrana and bites into his shield . That hit hurt shield small, but Hrana nothing. Ann struck back , but Galt drew back , and struck in Kari , a man accompanied him to Hrana . That hit got the sword so involved Hrana fell out of his hand , but not injuring him. But he was very lucky having five and hand , he reached up with his sword and cut back to Kari arm , so went by , and her knife was learned on , so he fell. Now download the at him all at once , but shop carefully and valiantly . Kill him now even two of them, and at that moment he ran at Galt and cut into his head and he divided the shoulders down . He fell dead , but the man who stood by , asked Hrana life . It was the second slave Gothenburg , as was told . Ann was now Modra much , but a little wounded . Now he rests for a moment and asked the slave what had happened on the fall Gothenburg .

6 Ann , we received Nípa troll

A little later came Helgi hooks with four people. He had fregnat of shepherd that Ann would have joined . Became a celebrated meeting with them, and they told that such a great man would not be in those days where near as Ann power and gymnastics. Now Kari was not out of the dead , and cut off his head Ann . So they dysjuðu Hroald Galt and follow his functions in that one hill , is then called Galt Holland, went home to holy places with viðarhlössin . Ræmdist this around the countryside.

It is not written that would be no aftermath of the fall of Galt , where he had no close kin much of . So he and very unpopular .

Ann sat with Helga for a while , and carried no tidings . Búsýslu weekend was the greatest man . He had a good estate and property lot. He had selstöðu its east Skjálfandafljót .

One summer came to pass , that shepherd man was not home at the dairy in the morning , and it felt so Dag and night .

Now let the peace women tell Helga that smalamaðrinn nowhere to be seen , but the money has all come home . Marvel now men over , and now sends Weekend two men looking at him. They went forth , and sought out to discuss for three days and found him not , and he was stopped this search and set the second shepherd to guard the sheep . Now way fortnight order, he disappeared, but was also sought , and found him not any more than in the first . Helga stared in disbelief this, and believed the troll income , and now no one wants to be a sheep in their place , and goes so that Ann offered to them for a while. Now, went at Ann shepherd , and half the time draws near another week , so not exposed to anything going on.

One evening he chases money well into the valley , and sat down there, which stops the operation. Download it sleep much. He got the idea that this will trauðliga autonomous, stood back up and shook it off . But he look around , he sees where stewards came back running with ysi and zoom a lot . Runs now something of Hrana Omega, and now he gets for that look , where someone Monster ran after the sheep . Approaching this soon . And this is to see the troll ferlig . She climbed in , but bear buttocks . But when she came there, which was rather cold , pause it and said , " Hail, Ann Ring, and you'll wait for me . "

Hring said : "It is certain, or what is your name , or where are you living spaces ? "

She says : " At little came thee to know. Ek name Parsnips , and are we three sisters and work for our father in the choir. Oldest of which I , and our mother is dead . Atsetr own sense Fljótsdal below. Holders sense been there twelve years , and will humans across near have even himself lacking at Haus money and horses. I've now attended two shepherd men Helga hook, and now I at add you and have cordage tomorrow. Hast though my father badly dreamed to you , and I think vice versa befallen him of dreams , where he owns a few weeks after ólifat . "

At the counsel said she Hrana , but he covers spine excitement over her possession . She pressed them so hard that his arms and torso all , and he was almost aflvana her. Too bad for him it for a while , but she is at him under him , and now they tossed around some bala and move at one stone stood . That he finds that she wants him in jail. And when she came at him , he brandished it so strongly that it will be hands -free , and she turns back to stone . He now eats energy and chases her back behind the stone, and hryggbrýtr it .

Then she says , "It will take the names my mother said that we would all of one man killing the guards. Thou hast conquered me , and you will have as a compliment . "

Ann wants to hear no longer in Raus her , but could not even do that , because she thought him so hard that saw that he could not stir without hands. He breaks now , until he is released . Has she torn from him his clothes . And now he ran thither , as was his sword , which he had lost in their tusks . He would trinkets and bites head of it, who, the solution had become , he yawned a Hrana , so he passed out of the steam , from him erupted . But after a little waiting unravels and he is the very stiff . He then went home and lay down Celite .

7 Homecoming Hrana

In the morning , the peace, the women were on their feet , they saw that the money is to check, but Ann is lying in bed , and believe it will have him stay awake in the night and come home already rismál . Now he lies until noon . Then sketch it up . See the the cloth around his torn asunder . Now lets him take the horses one , there was near , and rode home to a holy place , now find Helga . Celebrates husband him well and asked for tidings . Ann says the word was from all their transactions and their Nípa . Thick Helga appreciated and thanked Hrana with many fair words for his conduct . Ann revealed that she had torn off his clothes , and he was widely blue and bruised , and his flesh cerebellar ran together .

Now , as before , that no one wants to be a sheep hook seals. Is then brought home from the dairy . Berr currently no tidings that time again. In the autumn people go hiking and financial search. Is there one Ann with others.

8 The Ann worked on trolls

A man named Solvi . He lived in the Stóruvöllum Bárðardal . He had a son named Einar . He was the strongest of the young men who grew up there . Then lived Hauskuld Halt at Hofgörðum in Rang valley . His son was called crown , a large man, and strong . He was almost the only of power and courage , and it was well with them. He left and one in the capital of the search . Monitored so that they , Ann , Einar and visitors, and expect him to go inside Fljótsdal . They come after him , makes fog blow and then a while so intense that no one away.

Ann says to his men , "Now we will be here at sit and wait , came at the hands . "

And so they did, forge together the stones is enough was, and make a shelter, so sit there at . And when they were set at a small , goes Einar look at . He saw while reduced somewhat, and now he makes that look , where two ogresses run, large side , and aim at the bunker . He says this his companions , but Ann drew it and ran out though the other two with him. In this , they are yet, and will depend on other Hrana , the other turns at Einar.

Now to tell onslaught Hrana and troll the process, at the expressive recovered long. He finds that she has the power much more . He brandished it now wrestling format , and it will be at fall, so he 's on top of it. He has no plan to come for her, though eventually reaches a knife in his belt and brandished it in the neck Fiery , so now the blood swelled up on him, but she held it fixed at a . Gets for him now at last loosen himself , now stands to his feet and saw that the ogress is created that brings the two under him . Grab him now under her jaw and set your knees to your spine and breaks it so right back , but ran out of steam it so bad in front of him, he rushed out of and did nothing for a while . But now Einar came before her and reached Hrana sword and cut off her head , but she had bitten visitors on the hose before , and he was dead. It went at Einar know whether Ann 's life unravels and he went . He was very wicked . Apply Now Einar water and give to him. So Hrana gradually improves mood . Displays a while now , and came good weather. They were there that night , and the next day they called and dysja in another place. Brewed there since Skessudysjar .

After this they go to seek the cave , and at last they come at canyon while. Was there a big hammer and evil attack . See also under the hammer , where the shadow bar in one place. Now they climb and wade thither . When they arrive there, there are doors and door for half the port . They go into a cave and left him , until they think is the door and the iron door . Now hear the big bullies , so they thought they could not have heard such things . They strive so that we get into and can not, go so both the door at a time that vaskligast , until she jumped up . Now there was a bright somewhere sake window, on the rock to the east . In the wake the man , and he was the next big and illúðligr .

He asked what is the sound of this , and said : " Had the ratings been expecting here, then I would say mannaþef in my cave , and evil have I gefizt dreams today , or how ye both were built, and bring ye Hrana my head ? "

That thought they know , that man would be blind . Ann ran a sword and chases under his hand , then stood over him , but the man started quickly and steyptist out from the surface, but drew away from Ann , and breaks a man 's , so everything shook and went from the right, before it. Killed him so at last .

Einar then went in for him, and explored the cave , where they found many treasures in gold and silver, bare now of the cave , so that they could come alive with . Came the bad to go from there . Lay there for the night close by .

But the next day they came back with their bales . No living thing they see on their way then they went home . Now they say Helga and other members of his journeys . It seemed to all men be appreciated and praised the bravery Hrana . Much money they were missing the autumn, and kept all that troll that had taken this, however, the foster brothers would not aware of . Joint now so that winters that no bears tidings .

9 dream Hrana

Now that spring came , came Hrana think that place is more to go outside and study the other countries, the prince and morals.

It was one morning for uppstöður that he slept so that others in his bed , and he dreams that he is standing without a field at Helgastaðir . He looked an old man , but vænligan the pitch, thinks now greet him and ask his name .

A man came took his greeting well , and Thora hot . " Poplar I know you, " says the man came . " Your name is Ann and have a daughter to my son . Progress you goes to that will honor your father's both courtesy and prowess due , or what work you might luxurious and praise Stay here in space anymore but has come ? Now is no different unsafe , that ye desirous hereafter that come in other countries and try whatever was lying to you , or what you may work for fame . "

Ok now were Thore poetry of mouth :

You will be observed . Go,
Floating at the junction of Hilda ,
Fjörgynjar from ofbergi
area on byrgota .
Herteits hard cords
and terrorist 's tugviðar
cancels honor fell
People on pads jaws .
Evilness has leaned
Your bravery , Borra light Rhine .
Galt leads to foot in sweat
and mishandling them ran .
Encroachment will like Vikings
Energy Ann died
bandgoðs acute wind
and REM polishing fund great .
At then disappeared Thore , but Ann woke up and remembered vísurnar . He says now Helga from the dream .

Helgi said, " Enough is deemed incredible that such luck in eftirtíð he made ​​thee understanding in a dream , and it will let your father know about that stuff. "

Ann said he will now do so , and they did so has been tallied into that time .

10 Ann and Einar expected to go abroad

But shortly after this ride to Ann Lundarbrekka and came to speak to his father , telling him his plans , also his dream and his father's mother's inquiry about his subsequent pasture , - 'and what do you want, father , proposing them? " he says.

Egil answered such as Weekend, at no differs meet that given the good intentions this, - "and will therefore Bagan that discourage thee what your grandfather has proven better for you, so handle I verses his spurs man is good for you and he knows thee are some good fortune. seems to me now no less play that you endorse Jeff Sölvason outside along with you. ye are both promising and strong man , though somewhat is that valuable . that 's ok lífvænligra for two equally disorder that ye are that take a ride with ókenndum crew or unknown to be among the many rather than one ókenndr is in many ókenndum , whatever may to carry, and mættuð ye come together , until ye both give well come down . but my intention is this uncle that no we sense Solvi see ye both back nor ye come to Iceland since. Now I would like you get such vessel , thou factors meðtekit had arfhlut after me and your mother, though not to come back . "

Ann was glad now we promised this and thanked his father blíðliga . Understand now that they had said . It went rather cold at that first meet Jeff and told him their plans and proposals of his father. Einar liked the looks of this company , and said he will go with him . Now Ann came home to a holy place and says Helga up what had to talazt between father and son , and Einar outside their trip , and that his father had spat on , that he would not back under his own for his country's honor , nor Einar .

" Then think sense Egil still the same , " says Helgi , "and will leave there with you and me as ye both father and son. Thou be my nostalgia , because thou hast often and well with me been, and such people are not here in space that ye E. valor and the arts , but I never came to mind that inhibit ye both in this, the more fame and riches may ye both come at this as more of others. "

" Well , you talk about this, " says Ann , and broke so alike.

11 The Ann took a ride with Buy - Red

Red is a man named , suðreyskr . He was buying trips often and had several land. So he auknefndr Buy red . He did this summer Skjálfandi Bay early. Two ships arrived and immediately Eyjafjà .

But Bard Recharge shipping news came , they still others from the neighboring boundary at finding merchants . Men were now both sides Skjalfandafljot more willing to find at Red merchant and the other is inside at the entry, the better word went out of him and his product . They came Ann and Einar and other meeting red, and it was soon that they attacked the ride with him , because they leizt spakliga and well man , though his shipmates were most differently and not so þæglyndir .

Now Egil made ​​his son from the garden , as he had promised , and gave him a large vessel still many treasures excellent , and it was not to be told that he had a lack of shots silver. Egil and Helgi follow them Hrana and Einar to the ship and did so at the heart of many good wishes.

12 Reds came to the Southern Island

Shortly after this had ended purchase Lupus PROVINCE time and was exhausted, was this, that they gave away the wind , and they put to sea . But it lasted not long until the boost began to decrease. They held together far east , where outdoor activities were long and the cross . Icelanders were now evident in the work . But the red men saw their advantage and at suðreyskir not many would reach parity with those in power and endurance work, began to illuminate the envy of sworn brothers . But both was that they two went together at all times and divorced age, they also had patrons merchant ships ruled the men of the age , either in armed combat or other large-scale incidents .

But once , when the Red heard the slander of his men to Fóstbræðra , he said : "I will be the first and the last, that I come to Iceland and Icelandic have a go with me. Therefore I would ask of ye both , my shipmates that should be so haunting to these men , especially since they have shown all þægð and spaklæti , then they came to our intercourse . Otherwise I think you have both me and them mótparta . "

After this all reminds hnýfilyrðum red men.

In the autumn a short winter nights they reached the Southern Islands . Merchant was welcomed there returned and spoke some that suðreysku ships' and Icelanders would understand at issue .

13 From Signy and Olrun and his foster-brothers

That is to say of the foster-brothers , that this winter they were saved by a man there, Högni named at hánefr manageability name. He had a wife , is named Geirþrúðr . They took well to visitors. They showed himself never aggressive and pleasing everyone. The couple then had a daughter named Signy . Was it hard covers Nubian words , beautiful and bright in hair and skin , as she stated the other virgins of the country . Was she ok Committee Ljósbrá at tilnafni . Soon it was this, that Hrana had sped cherish her, and she took it with courtesy and friendliness.

In exchange Högna hánefs furs and two mother and daughter . Named the senior Sunnefa , in younger Olrun , who was nýfulltíða . She was the second female advantage, which was achieved at Signy reality and vision, and it proved aspects of old had arranged for England sets , that there would be girls alone, but the mother and daughter at baggage were the English kin . Gaut was a man named Sunnefu and father Olrun , called a large suit . He was back in England and the couple's sons , who were then grown most .

It happened at that summer when Ann and Einar came to the Southern Islands in the autumn , at some viking , masking his name , auknefndr járnkarl took the shore in one place with England . But he came home Geat big suit , there was a way for him and other more , was not a farmer nor his sons at home and few other men . Father and son had gone on time at home, in the land anywhere. Mother and daughter were left at home with two or three men, but they fled , they saw almost Grim trips , he and his lýðr mother and daughter took off with a whole still the best option and nýtiligustu part of town, they have craved , yet another prey both women and men and the goods of which the Interest had taken .

Now flying Grim járnkarl his way with this, but they came close to the Southern isles , thinking that doing there like , then had his troops in three ships. These were not occupied by the same maid to tell who came there to meet outside the named Eystein harðverkr , for var. Now struck in battle with the mask. He fell with his shipmates in the battle. Was told that he would have been so seiðmagnaðr that no iron might bite him . They were now Eysteinn women of this Grim fallen along with much other booty , and carried himself kvenfólkit alllítt such troops have compassion over and shot them on land it first in the Southern islands of a certain equity stake . Then the mother and daughter stood in the Högna Geir and thrusting .

Einar placed a great love of Olrun , and carefully observed the foster brothers outside of the stall sisters. There was one man and good to them , and the time draws near so that summer came .

14 Of conduct Hrana and Einar

Two brothers are in the story . Was named Arnhöfði , the other Hilda, Vikings great and unruly , had sometimes berserk . They fought around útstrandir and islands such funds and four people were learning. They steered their ship if they came , and now at the Southern Islands on the first day of summer. Then Buy red created off navigation at problems and had offered to drink at home, the foster-brothers , and Einar Hrana ring , along with a number where domestic . Eyjamenn saw the ships and that they landed there, the red ship was afloat , and these visitors were very óþýðliga . Had now gone to drink red living room and guest his skipafregnina ok told that would be berserk break, Arnhöfði and Hilda . This rustling red and his guests except Ann and Einar .

Is receiving Ann answered and said , "Look , we must sense successors farmers , Einar mine. "

Einar said, " If you want to come out for them, I will not bother to sit on . Would Now I eyjamenn close by, tighten up their minds and follow me and if the lies . "

Then men now see out at the harbor , and the leizt then that was told . Was the congregations of the men immediately Hrana and Einar from the nearest station . Viking bar now very soon the there, the red man was buying and everyone else . They had not been before human lips drawdown , until they came to the garden , is fólkit stood underneath. There was the red man purchase , the two Bard Recharge and eighteen other men . Were the two Icelandic vígligastir of them all.

With the Red was always a man who is named Thord , good archer , so jafnslyngr man was not there in the list . He was the Dal - called Thord . There were some others of him had learned, but may not compare to him .

But Berserks came fully armed category and see the other side of the park , said Arnhöfði " Afraid are now mýslingar , or why stand ye here button , eyjamenn ? Vit brothers Arnhöfði and Hilda , have come to seek thee home , buy red . You atfangamaðr are great, and you will take good care of the guests, "

" So I wanted to take ye both that ye seek me , " said Red.

"Now get your product sold already today, " said Hild.

" As I will be there and that was let into the place , " said Red.

"It lacks us two brothers , " says Arnhöfði . "Did I not sword in hand, called Grásíða , but Hilda, my brother , that which is called slept . "

Took the brothers to let æsiliga and roared . The Ann and Einar then went yard for all end street at the brothers .

"We may being exchanged , though less proud, " said Ann .

Arnhöfði turns them at him , but at Hildir Einar. Hogg Arnhöfði shield Hrana , but was not on . Ann struck back and split the shield for Arnhöfða . The second time struck Arnhöfði , and amounted to a third of the blow did Hrana , but not injuring him. Ann and struck a second time . That hit came shoulder Viking and was the site of a right arm , and said no more of him .

But the partnership of Einar and Hilda went so that Hildir struck the shield of Einar and he split the first glance . Einar struck back to Hilda and amounted to little one did it. Berserker sounds struck back at him , but he failed before , though touched Odd learns , so somewhere was wounded , but his sword was in the field flooded , but Hildir bent by this jötunliga stone. While Einar struck on his neck , then took off his head , and he is also the story of the other .

But while this slaying went off, had eyjamenn for others, and soon began to arrive at them. Shot the Dal - Thord and many other archers skelmi to death . But they Ann and Einar had embedded brothers , they were stórhöggir and great functionality of the products, and the right and soon they share their own people . And when he saw they were left in the ships , both of which were considerable number of hard and picked up , they went ashore were at Suðreyingum . Icelanders began well and valiantly with them. Saves the archers nor shot . Hardened the battle at again. Took the other at eyjamenn injured and fall . Became soft in their support . But they Ann and Einar killed navy , until no products except for four , but they wanted to escape the ship. Foster brothers spent the elements , until none remained after the last. Was ending at the end. Battle had stood since before midday . Worshiped all who came at twenty and eight , but suðreyskum seven. Mini is told about atgerðir red merchant, where he was no fighting man . There was no big foster brothers wounded , but furiously and weary mother .

And the men to sleep for the night, but early in the morning they went out on the ship brothers and took great booty in gold and silver treasures and dýrendis clothing, but others dysjuðu choice. Then they laid their Buy - red and Högni hánefr this for , at the foster brothers duty for most of the spoil a deal and the next three others , is the optimum team had shown , and so became . Praised all now very conduct of the Icelanders , and said that there would be any man wealth and animation have perished for the Vikings , they had not so well DUGAT . There was Bard Recharge happy and drank lystugt after all this grim financial catches .

Said Ann now come to pass vísnaspá grandfather for a dream in the past.

15 Ann settled in Southern Islands

A few days after it sailed red. But the next day after the ship came to the islands . The English were engaged to seek their women , because they heard that it was in the south isles whole and alive. Einar then went to England with the mother and daughter, and it ends up here a story about him .

It's said Hrana nm , at Signy loved him the more she saw that he was another famous. He had engaged in consultation with her ​​to sail to more countries and become widely known, but she let him and said that he can not see him.

" Is ok second half, " she says , "that does not work you more elsewhere breakthrough here , and he also needs to this goal . "

Then he fell on her advice and went then at her own this summer. Cohabitation became a good and long. He was a very popular man and wealthy , the more he grew there age and he got more and more for both, as always , when at diverge organism came , he was foremost in the category at averting them and delete, where he had also a large strength of the two human survivors , he once helped there by islands , mentioned Björn breiðskeggr Thore and agility , both Icelandic . They followed Hrana life after this . He had taken them from the wreck of .

Ann was brought back to Iceland , as his father had spat . They had one daughter Signy . Hallveig that name . More children learnest not that men know a certain.

Ann died in applying a blanket , an old man was he. Who had seven battles on the island besides the one he struck Galt and his slaves before he sailed . And here ends the way the history of Hrana circle Egil .

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