Drago's Adventures at the Vet Home


Day one arrived about 1030 in morning and started in here. After answering several pages of questions.  I found that the pee testing was also a requirement. Thus the body and their time did not agree. So I was put in a waiting area. That turned out to be the common seating area and where now the chairs have been removed and the sleeping cots set.

Meals I have found are 730, 1200, 17oo you stand in line and sign a roster.  Pick and choose food then sit eat throw away plate and return to what you were doing. For me it was sitting in the common area most of the day.

Showers are mandatory for cot allowance it seems.  Simple folding metal cots with a grey plastic covered 3-inch mattress.  In addition, a sheet and blanket are given out as the settings for them are done.  My pillow is my highway coat and liner stuffed in my hooded pullover.

Perhaps on the morrow I will be told more of how things are to progress. If one leaves they must sign out. Then back in when returns. Must be back by 2300, will find out if that is when things close down then.

I also have been told that when the medical clears you and a bed is available up stairs you are moved from common room to a 6 or 8 person room.

Showers to use right now are on the 2nd floor. Know nothing of the third at this time. You are given a simple shower kit. Moreover, right now no big towels are viable so got two what I would call dishtowels and two hand cloths to assist and dry with.  Currently they hang off the edge of the cot to dry overnight.

This eve in the common, area is a big TV it is ran with a vote with what is watched.  So far this eve true grit and a dvd movie that stuck in mid play so now we have the basketball game weeeeeeeeeeee.

Everything here is sign in sign that and if one messes up he sheet we have to refill out and resign allover that just happened with the cot list. Is first in line get the metal cot and mattress.  When those dozen are gone then mattress on floor is what is left.

I have reshuffled the bag contents. Now all the clothing and black bag of stuff is in the new brown bag that found this winter on a trip to the market in Dec it still had the red holiday bow on it when I found it.  New still folded up and ready to be given.  The back pack has the rest of things. Like meds laptop camera and other things that are small and easy carried. Been told where to store the clothing bag in a hallway with the other ‘common roomers’.  If important then keep with you hence why the shuffle to ensure if something goes it is clothing and not the other things.

So far some seem friendly. I have already been tagged with it is the Viking by the director here.  In addition, by one of the staff Hercules when I helped move the benches out of the common area so cots could go in.  Because I picked up the metal one in the center by self and moved them.

The outlets are limited, also in demand. Many here have some sort of cell phone that needs charged.  I was quick enough to get near one so could pug the laptop in to type this eve. Moreover, seemed to upset someone else that had sighted and planned to be where I currently am.  Nevertheless, was doing other things when the chair to cot common area shuffle started.

There are two resident dogs here an older white muzzled black lab, which has been dubbed ‘Sarge’.  The other is a cinnamon Shepard dubbed ‘Major”.  Very friendly and tolerates many things I see throughout the day.

I figure that after the 1700 meal I will sign up for shower and get it out of the way. Will at that time change into the track paints I have brought to sleep within.

A 1930 bible class in the mess hall was also called for those whom wanted.  Not mandatory that is good.

Oh desert has been called must go see.  To put that into perspective.  It is now 2157 and a lemon crumb like square just was consumed.  Lunch was two hot dogs with a bean mix and French fries.  Eve meal was meatloaf, mixed veggies, mashed potatoes with gravy.  Hell this is more than I have been eating per day at where I just came from for several months.  I did have one last pkg of the Italian sausage I have grown to enjoy before I left this morning as well.

All the items that were walked away from were stacked in a neat and orderly way in the room I was within. I do not know what or how he is to react nor do with them. After two weeks I have had no place to be. This place was the last resort for me to be at.


It did bother me that within he questions the drinking was repetitively brought up and hashed about.  How long did I, how long have I not, And other questions of it.

AN Hour left till pill time and their sign in dead line. Then I will find of what happens then.  I will see if I can do this each eve, the next step is finding a hot spot or open wireless system to get things going in that area as well.

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Ðunresdæg "Thunor's day" 4-28

Today was started with high winds cool rain.  In addition, as always the standard breakfast of pancakes, potatoes of some form oatmeal and a meat something.  This week it seems to be either beef or pork sausage patty.

I did get a call from VetBiz as well that asked where my documents were.  These same documents I had already sent to them, so I did so again.  Was told would get back to me with a phone appointment time.

In the afternoons on Tiwesdæg & Ðunresdæg, I will be having some type of class for something at 1400.  Today the subject was advocacy.

In addition, if they continue I have already a 1400 ‘Life skills” class type thing on Monandæg.  However, so far those have been not constant or any informative I have not already known.

Went to library as well and restocked on my books to read pile will see if they last another month until I get another pile done.

The next hospital appointment to see if I am broken is 5-24 0920 will see what that brings as well.  Perhaps by then I will have my records to show them something.  Other than trying to answer questions that need more than a yes or no answering.

So far, I have continued to be the ‘resident’ computer stupid across the hall.  It gives me something to think upon as well.  Color-coded wires make switching them around easy.  They are Dell desktops with XP on them.  Simple web browsers units.  Not fast but steady.

It is darkening up outside once again and at 1619 I need to start packing this up to prepare for the eve meal at 1700.

Sæterdæg “Saturn's day" 4-30

Well yesterday was one of computer lab mostly.  There is now three connected directly wire to the internet.  With avast anti on them.  The screen savior is the standard four pictures of Windows samples with the five military seals {A, AF, CG, N, & USMC}, with the logo for the center, a picture of all five seals, and Mr. Chapman the Director pictured.

I have also done the common things of disc clean and defrag.  Taken out the extra programs that have been put on them that are not used, mostly instant messengers, and music/picture programs.  In addition, I have set the power savor to settings to include shut down after 30 minutes if not used.

Currently there is two other units as well that are as well set.  A third that I was working on and two others that are to be looked into right now.  I was shown they have a second room quite packed with more computer units and things.  Seems a school system did not need these any more so they donated them to the center.  At most, these will be slow internet browsers only.  Nothing more.  Basic looking and reading of things.  Running XP with small hard drives and low everything else, built by Dell.

I also found out by having this laptop connected and opened music player that the other computers on the system could be seen, i.e. when Tyrone CP came on line and asked if I wanted to share files.  That is Mr. Tyrone Chapman.  The director.  I just got up, went, and stated this.  That is when I was informed that I was to slow down and not do much on these for that made him take attention to what I was doing.  Hence, just the basics have been doing and all will be doing.  Nevertheless, anyone who knows and is of knowledge or mind to may be able to access files on other computers through the household common of shared files on the connection.  No hacking necessary just the way they have things set up.

Last night went out to find signal.  Derrick treated me to a large corn beef sandwich with sauerkraut, also chill cheese fries with water and coffee.  It was grand change from chicken. Moreover, one that I will sometime balance out upon with him some time I hope.

Therefore, this day will type some read some and see what comes forth upon it.  Being only 0934 it is still much early here and not many are about also it is first of the month and those whom are getting any type of governmental checks are paid and out doing what they do with it.



After a week of hell I have borrowed a laptop and sit here typing this entry.


Yes, borrowing a laptop. For as of Monday at the eve meal. The one I was being allowed to use was taken out of the backpack out of my room and out of my world. Stolen.


Tuesday was not a day for me to be near man nor beast

Wed was little better

Thurday I kind of started to enter forth into the world

Friday I started to pull from the depths of my mind what for the last two months Ihave attempted to do once again by pen and paper.

And this day have found my way back to typing once again.

Perhaps on the morrow I will put more but for now the HP 2000dz Pavillion Entertaiment laptop has been stolen and I am helpless to do anything about it.

5-14 Been a bit but back again.


This week just was one thing after another. Two classes that were required. Attempts at finding things that I had alread reshearhed and lost in the last two month.


Trying to arrange for the Mayfaire Festival with the Vikings once again.


Throwing the resume out in few more palces to see if that helps any.


Trying to figure out how to get buss passes. And being irritated with the results of things.


One good thing I was allowed to perlion one of the center's computer for my room. this way I can type up things and rebuild documents once again perhaps it will allow me a faster rebuilding. Also I was asked to type out a label document for AMVETS. Five pages of address =? pages of labels for envelopes. I will find out. Four more pages to go.


Trying to remain postive. But after the laptop went I really did not care. As well as the relisaeing that I would once again have to rebuild what I had done for the last two months sucks.


I will try to do better with the log as I hve done before but first the spirit has to gain within to do so. Now instead of two laptops I want to obtain. I have one to replace. One to gain and one to fix someone else with. Still want truck to restart things. Buthave to gainthe drive to recover the documents and knowledge I had already done.

on the 7th this was typed to tell of the theif of the $800  HP 2000dz pavillion entertainemnt laptop


[5/7/2011 2:00:13 PM] Upon the evening meal on Monday the laptop computer was tekn out of the backpack out of the room and stollen. Currently an investigation is being told to me. The main suspect is the newest roommate placed into room 314. His Name being Lloyd E, Scott. Drago was not in a well mood tuesday. By thursday he started to return to the mind we know of him to have.

He has not enjoyed these last few days. And is pushing those in charge here as much as he can. Vice to type the laptop is gone. Yes, he has informed them of the cost. As well as being blamed for it being done by some of the staff. Till they relised that three people had told of the fact his locker could not be locked. So it would not have mattered in he had placed it there or not. It was in the room in the backpack. When he retunred from the eve meal he found the back pack relclosed and the laptop closed. The former room mate has not been seen from that time to now either.

Drago is almost sick upon this happening and is trying to find ways to make this correct with you and himself. The last two months of data documents and work he has done also is lost as well. He has been by hand writeing on pads of papers to try to recover from his mind what he can of the documents lost.

Again he is sick almost physicaly of this happening. Please kniow he had done all he can limited as it is to find or recover the laptop. To the point of almost taking on the center and being thrown out. There is a program close that if he can attend it he will be given a laptop. He monday goes to find of buss tickest to help with this. AN dperhaps can get some for you as well.

We do not know what will happen next week. But so far the notbeing able to recover the laptop not deal with what has happened is crippleing his spirit and ways.

I am sorry to have sent you this in this fassion. But he is not well in mind fully yet after this happend. If he can he will contact you soon. Please accept this as an attempt to keep you informed and in knoweldge of this dispicatable act.

Well it is the 25th of May the day after Isabell’s birthday and I am attempting on another computer to restart the log. I will post it as I can.

Went to May Faire this last weekend. Plan to do so again this one as well.

Will leave Friday back on Tuesday hope it works will no glitches. I am much the inconvenience coming to get for them. May I be able to justify the action with the work I do for them. And the selling of things I make there.

 Fought with their system to allow me to go. For they have a 72 hour rule here if gone then discharged. But then again they are used to the city dwellers and the common get up punch clock go home sleep and do again on next day as well. Why does so many want to box everyone into nice and neat little packages to be controlled and told what to do?

The show weather was well till late Saturday afternoon and right at closing Sunday. Dug fire pit the first day to cook the two legs of mutton on the spit. Sunday forge running and bending metal. Also learned the Japanese “kuhimeo” a cording loom style.

Yesterday the mental health doctor told me that unless I felt I needed something she did not think it was necessary for me to make follow up appointment. Hence I am not mental broken it seems according to the less than 10 minutes it took to sign in, wait and then talk to her.

Reading books still. Slowly getting head back to work on things as well. Next week will restart what I have attempted to do in the last three months. And regain what I have done with the rebuilding of company plans.

Shower and wet hair time to read a bit as well now. Rain thunder and head less pounding perhaps I will type a bit more of this day or on the morrow then.

On the 26th I have been told Dad is to have surgery next week. And will remain in hospital for a few days. Cori is looking for work in Portland for near school. Vicki is looking into schools as well. And Mom is holding all things in one place.

 I have gotten two passes that allows for the time gone to the show.

And roped into updating and cleaning Ms. Brown’s computer here at the center as well. As some one never set up the anti bad stuff thingy. And showing her disk clean defrag and other things to do to maintain it.

Put Skype on the center’s computers so can use it when I am down in the computer area no matter which one I am using. So that will help as well.

So off to sew somethings that needs to be sewed upon. Then supper and then the Highway coat button hole repair as well. Will see if when fingers return to the keys more typed later of not as well.

Well more rain and cooler temperatures wind and things, sewing on pack is done. Busted a zipper so now a little over 2/3rds on one side is sewed shut and acts more of a hinge.

Chicken again with veggies and rice. Head slightly pounding still. But to the highway coat I go. Cut finger with needle already sharp pointy thingy it is.


Well back forn the show. The week end was intresting. Made more pins and fishhooks. 'S' hooks and a ridge hanger. But Sunday will be the day that will be mostly remembered. For once again I was shown that I could be taken without knowing it. A hurrican force storm came in. In the going to safer area a cherry tree snapped.


Well it did about 10 to 12 foot up the trunk. The other 60 foot of this tree came crashing down through a small maple and right onto my head. I spin out form underit after it tapped me but kept on moving for about another 20 to 25 feet till was tripped up by a log about shin level. After wards looking at the trunk it was about a foot and half or so where it snapped off. And with in 12 feet of the top was still a good 6 or so inches across. ANd cherry is a heavy wood. But I is ok and still moving. What it take to sotp a Drago 'get a bigger tree"


Also made a decortive 'shackel' double hinded cuff bangel as well but did not finish the action. Will see how long it takes the perosn to find me and pay up for it. Will be intresting. Her name is Anna.


So back at the center and a quck noting here of the things of weekend. Maybe more later.



One of the month of June. Started the day out with a bit of typing. Then the internet failed. So came back up stairs got on a bit borrowing another’s laptop. Then Lunch and afterwards I fell out. Slept / napped most of it away. Guess the weekend caught up to me and the rest bandit took full advantage of me as well.

So this eve I think I will finish or try to finish the current book. Then start al over in the morning once again. I did get the wet bad smelling laundry from the show done this morning at least I was able to do that. Lost a sock some where along the way as well.

Perhaps a bit of looming cord as well it has been termed ‘therapy’ and is quite the mindless amusement of times. A 7 strand Japanese “kuhimeo” cord. Thread the strings through the center tie them in a knot. Fill seven slots with string. Line up empty slit to belly button and away you go. 3 up counter clockwise fill the gap twist clockwise so gap is belly button.  Depending on strings colors will affect the cording patterns. Then again count counter clock wise to third string and bring it down to fill the gap. Repeat as much as you can {need} do or cord is done. An octagonal shaped leather piece with a slit in each side and a ¼ inch hole in the center.

2nd of June and the day started with not well taken information. Because of the current doctor I have been assigned is retiring this month. My appointment was canceled. As well I was told that after the first of June I was to contact The Vet Hospital and find out of my new one. So taking the shuttle down to the hospital to find out I went after the morning meal. TO be told that the incoming doctor is on vacation for two weeks. So I was given the date of the 20th to check back upon this finding of doctors.

Then upon my return I ascertained that the internet next door was also screwed and not working so nothing to be accomplished once again via the internet. As well Derrick is away for the eve and I do not have his to use either. Unless I catch him early enough before he leaves for his appointment.

Next was the being asked of if I wanted to work construction. My response was yes if they taken be and bring me back. So they did. I was taken to EJH Construction. And placed on remove rubble and wall from where a car had crashed into the DHS building. Rendering the structural steel tube bent and the Men’s bathroom wall to have hole in it. When we got done the full of the damage has been revealed with the removal of the rest of the wall. And part of the ceiling. Also into the females room we also had to take some wall for access. So for 6 hours I did something called ‘work’. Now let’s see what it brings me f0r a w-9 was filled out as well. This could be interesting.

Also found out that Olaf’s truck blew Trans when on the way back form dropping me off on Tuesday. That sucks now he is two trucks down and no work at this time.

So back after the eve meal and had to scrounge something. Missed Derrick it seems as well. SO typing this and will post as I can it seems. Shower now and to ascertain the surface marks of leaking that were attained this afternoon during the destruction of tile, wall, metal studs, brick and stuff. Really can’t fell hands at times.

June 5th and the day goes well. Reading resting waiting for the week to start. Yesterday was spent mostly sleeping. For Friday afternoon I was called for a job started at 1400 went till 0200.

Was taken to Battle Creek to help clean up and pass materials up to a temp roof rebuilt after the storm. Was a late night or early morning of 0300 when I returned.

Then I had Ms. Smith screeching in the morning for the bus to go to the picnic outing. Really bit down and did not go off on that. Three times she went through the rooms. Screeching and disturbing people. T the point that people left or did no longer wanted to go.

Yesterday as well I slept most of the day away. Going out for the afternoon and eating a larger than normal mid day meal. This was a nicety that I have not done for many months.

On the morrow I go to get more pills. Then Tuesday Dad’s operation and an appointment with Miss Bonnie as well for me.

The center does have cooling air systems. It is just a chill that is enjoyed by me but some think is too much. But the nights will be of ease to sleep in the summer’s heat if it maintains as it has this week.

Monday 6-6 is hot humid and ick. Walked down to Hospital and fixed pills. Well kind of. Seems either I was wrong was taking them or the doctor did not relies how they were prescribed before. I was only to take one of the combo pills not two according to the new doctor but habit had already been formed with the taking of two each morning. With the two yellow and one small white one and the off blue one as well. So I wait to see what the new script that is being sent to me in the mail is for. Officially this is his last day as my doctor and then I get another one.

Soon the time of meeting greeting and going will be upon me once again. The second one without. And to night the hollow seems to re creep within and finds a nesting place to remain me of what is without and missing. For now I am as I am and out of sight out f mind no longer thought of or about.

Nothing came of the sending of the monthly governmental phone application. Should I send another?

I am not welcome there, I do not call. I wonder if anything gets send gets seen or even open. The dwelling within does not go away. The want and need does not fade. The remembrances have dimmed none, yet it has become less sharp but still within thoughts each day.

Perhaps I am just to fade and become nothing but a number within the wheels of the world. Nothing but a common and ever going circle of common social ways and thoughts.

My words stick within my mind and do not come freely right now. Perhaps another time then they will.

Today 6-7 went and saw the Social councilor at the VA Hospital have been s scheduled for the Friday of July 8th 14oo to revisit her again. As well dropped off the form for mental health which I forgot to do when I had the appointment then. But the interesting thing was as I was meeting with her, another person came to her door. They asked of Dental program and if I could fill in a slot that just opened up. So Thursday at 8 am I go and get started upon that adventure. Perhaps I will get a front tooth again and the hole in my lower teeth taken care of sooner than was expected. This would be a good thing.

Well I screwed up last week to today. Dad’s surgery was last Thursday no the 7th as my mind thought it was. He is home now and is little good mood it seems. As well as the night before a black bear arrived early in the morning and took out Mom’s bird feeders and cloths line. Cori semi dropped through the barn loft floor. The Cows escaped the fence on Vicki. Seems the family had an event full few days.

Hot muggy and hurting to day. Walking down and back was not a good thing. But the room here seems to have a really, really, really good air cooling system. For two of the person assigned to it have complained of the cold and nippy of it. But yet it is welcome this day by them. I am comfortable within it. And find if I do not have to go nor do I most likely will remain within the room just for the enjoyment of this cooler air.




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